prepare yourselves for some stunning mediocrity

prepare yourselves for some stunning mediocrity

I have a sewing machine finally (thanks, Mum)!! My perfect workspace set-up is complete! Any self-respecting graphic designer/fashion-blogger would be happy here:


    -500 gigs of harddrive space hungry to be filled almost completely with music? check.
    -laptop stand which swivels for bedtime movie-watching and working whilst hungover? check.
    -ukelele (not pictured) for the systematic slaughter of Beirut songs? check.
    -sewing machine for some janky-ass futzing and likely future victim of my wrath? check.

So get yourselves ready for some gleefully awful DIY. I can’t sew worth beans, but that ain’t gonna stop me! Ohmanohmanohman…!


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    the printer is gonna be in the way..hihihi

  • I would! :) I put my sewing machine on my heater because I have no desk and keep my laptop on my bed:) so yeah, you re doing better than me:P Anyway, I just posted my spring/summer 2008 collection. Maybe you have time to take a look and tell me what you think? I’d really appreciate your thoughts!
    xoxo, Diana @

  • the fact that you used the word “janky” makes me feel warm inside.

  • Oh my god can I move in with you? Wouldn’t that be funny if Daddy Likey and Painfully Hip slept together and took turns writing posts on the same laptop?

  • cool, i just got a sewing machine lately too, now i just have to figure out how it works.

  • I love the laptop stand.
    I’m a horrible sewer. I want to learn, though.

  • i have a sewing machine, but i’m kind of scared that my fingers would like get caught and get horribly mangled like in those bad B movies. so i enslave my mom! yay, parents!

    i like the space though, i would never leave my room if my room was like that. xD

  • Your room is so nice and colorful. Is it completely wrong that I have had my sewing machine for three years and have not set it up yet? To be fair I was moving and I use my mother’s. ^_^

  • Showa59

    I love how you used the word “janky” and you live in California where I am from. HAHA. oh i love your blog by the way and your room set up! And thats a macbook isn’t it.. ;-)

  • woah! You so rawk….I wish my bedroom looked like that
    but I have to share with a husband.
    darn that.
    In my workspace: a computer, a ukelele,
    a tv, sewing area, but I don’t
    have a bed in there…..
    I do have a bathroom.
    I love creature comforts!

  • Lavinia


  • ukulele love!!
    not only can you play Bierut songs, I like to play rap songs. Specifically really dirty dirty rap songs.

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