thrift stars of the year: 2 glaring omissions

thrift stars of the year: 2 glaring omissions

So apparently, the two most obvious thrift star of the year (as in, DUH!) choices were blatantly omitted. I can only blame my own stupidity and the fact that it took me 4 hours to write that post, I was always meaning to include them, but I guess they just got lost in the shuffle. These two girls were in fact the first Wardrobe Remixers we ever featured on this blog and the fact that they were omitted…? Well, no more excuses, just abashed repentance (Thanks to Athena and Ranna for pointing it out). Here they are, better late than never:

Once dubbed “the hippest girl on the internet” by Eve (and for a short time by Google as a result), Boboniaa never disappoints. Her daring color combinations, signature silhouettes (lots of slouchy t-shirt dresses, colorful round-toed pumps and over-sized accessories) set against bright cement walls are always eye-candy for our site. Thanks, Boboniaa, for always bringing it. We absolutely love your lovely, cartoony grin and joyous sophistication.

Besides having one of the best fashion blogs we’ve ever read, Leibemarlene also runs an incredibly consistent vintage eBay store. This girl is style, personified and wears almost exclusively vintage. Lucky for us, she’s always imparting her wardrobe wisdom and sharing her thrifted treasures with the entire interweb. So even though we can never hope to have as much innate fashion instinct as she does, we can at least buy the clothes right off her painfully adorable back.



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