Month: February 2008

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News, news, news….

    So it turns out that I’ve had my head so far up my ass this month that I completely spaced on the fact that Painfully Hip had its one year anniversary along with its 400,000th visitor this month! Yay us! I can’t thank you all enough for visiting us and checking out our sponsors and just being generally positive and amazing all the time.

    We’ll be in Chicago in a few weeks and are sort of planning a big, but not too big, last minute (head up my ass) Naked Lady Party / Clothing Swap for kids in that area. I can’t make any promises at this point, due to the limited time frame, but right now we’re trying to think of viable (and reasonable) venues for approximately 40-70 in that area so if anyone knows of one, comment s’il vous plait!

    To my fellow bloggers… I am running a special on blog mastheads! Now through March 25th, I’m offering the ridiculously low price of $40 for a custom-designed header. You get to specify size, imagery and request unlimited drafts until you’re 100% stoked. Contact me at Painfully Hip Design if you’re interested.

    In other news, I’m getting a puppy today! I had to leave my beautiful german shepherd, Malouk with her dad in Vancouver so there’s been a bit of a fuzzy hole in my heart ever since. So I’m off to the SPCA to save a life. Right after I go to the dreaded dentist. Wish me luck!

Thanks again for this awesome year!

thrift stars of the week! 26 Feb 08

Hey kids!
Here are your super-amazing wardrobe remix thrift stars this week.

brown ankle strap pumps
This shoe/tights combo could be worn with a really bad bridesmaid dress and still be screaming chic.

So serene. I want her to make me tea and offer me an afghan.

rolling stones t shirt
That wee jacket is exactly what i’ve been questing for, I just didn’t know it till now.
Also? Although those jeans come close, I don’t think there’s anything in the world more beautiful than 60’s Mick Jagger. Just saying.

Take one look at this lovely lass (and her amazing haircut) and you know you just want to buy out all the awesomeness at her Etsy vintage shop.

bubble dress layered
You just can’t go wrong with a bit of creative layering and some wicked vintage accessories.

choir girl
Borderline frumpy choirgirl jumper, black tights and white pumps? Am I so jaded by fashion that I think this is completely awesomely hot in every way?

gangsta cowgirl
Even YOU could pull off cowboy boots and a track jacket with that piercing sneer. The uberhip haircut doesn’t hurt either.

floral dress
Nevermind the Wonder Woman belt and the Jackie-O-licious shades, I want that car!

mixed patterns
I can’t tell wear her tattoos end and her outfit begins. Love!

gypsy chic
This is way too much gloriousness to keep track of (Feathers! Shoes! Luggage! COUCH!!).

I love the charm of the necktie and sweatervest, but the best accessory is the sleepy husband.

bobonnia black outfit
The silhouette is dreamy, but that newspaper clutch?? I want to take it to a posh art opening and just stand around like a nonchalant grampa all night.

check me out: DIY cigarette pants and monochromatic chic

“j” reminded me that i was going to alter some 70’s bell-bottom cords ($2.50) into cigarette pants to wear with my delish electric blue thrifted pumps ($4). so i did. and they’re my new favorite pants.




I’m actually leaving to go camping in Joshua Tree National Park in about an hour, but i just had to throw on these pumps real quick for the sake of monochromity? monochromocrity? monochromicity? The shirt is a relic from my childhood that my dad designed for the tiny farming town we grew up in (it’s a painting of a cow and a sheep facing off, an illustration of healthy small town competition between Gardnerville and Minden, NV). The belt was thrifted for $1 and the flight bag was 25 cents (!) at a garage sale. So that makes the grand total for this outfit less than $8.

Have a great weekend folky ones. I’ll be back on monday night. enjoy the oscars (go p.t. anderson)!!

Wow, thanks for all the great feedback you guys! “Talented?” “Amazing job?” You’re just lucky you can’t see the inside of these. One word: Janky. I warned you there would be futzing! Seriously, I would do a tutorial but it would probably do you more harm than good. I literally just put them on inside out, pinned where I wanted to sew (my first mistake- i have pinpricks up and down my ankles now), and then just sewed them up in as straight a line as I could manage. That’s the beauty of altering cheap thrift finds, if you completely wreck it, what are your losses? …A bit of thread (more than I’d like to admit in my case) and a $2 pair of pants that you were never going wear anyway. So my advice is to just try to have fun with it and learn along the way. And remember not to punish your sewing machine for your sad lack of skills, it was only trying to help after all.

Another Sexy DIY Knitboy

Our closest readers surely remember this DIY Knitting Guy from a previous post:

My friend, Lil Higg shared this link and pattern with me:

And although knitting is so frustrating for me that it makes using those giant needles to gouge out my eyes seem like a preferable experience, how HOT is it to see a guy with nimble fingers and excellent taste?

Fabulous. Maybe TOO fabulous (if you know what I mean).

thrift stars of the week! 19 Feb 08

remember when leather skirts were SO out? those days are SO over.

polka dots
Quite the feat: pairing a leather jacket with a polka dot circle skirt and managing to look hip and not like a Pink Lady from Grease. I love this outfit and it’s whimsical little details.

GalaDarling is a 40’s femme fatale with blue hair. An utterly amazing vintage dress.

floppy hat
This photo is all about the nonchalant, but totally stylish pose. Oh and the hat. And the dress. And the boots…

That argyle is bewitching. And pleated. Somebody shoot me.

Even in a print turtleneck and purple suede anklestrap pumps, VitaminInMotion always manages to look like a superhip Snow White.

I adore a 3/4 length sleeved trench coat for spring. And those boots are delicious.


For some reason, this photo reminds me SO much of an iconic Louise Brooks photo. What a mind-blowing $4 find, that batwing sweater.

homemade jumper
She made that lil jumper. How can she look so seductive in that lil stripey jumper??? AND THOSE SANDALS!!!

I heard that only those in violet and electric blue will survive the apocalypse. This dress will catapult her into the celestial kingdom of heaven!

MBibelot and her cartoonish sophistication. How does she do it?

My old friend Juju in her perfect house wearing the most perfect boudoir-inspired turquoise blouse.

The Coveted has nailed 90’s Brit pop as it will be portrayed…in the future. Jarvis Cocker as we see Marc Bolan now.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::, Inc.

going tribal on yer ass

My most favorite spring collection so far must be the indispensable Matthew Williamson. A joyous mix of MIA-licious tribal prints and splashy, feminine, citrus colours making me totally weak in the knees (images courtesy of

So now, of course, i’m completely obsessed with smothering myself in a lovely, clashing mess of batik, chiffon and scarves. And although I think I’ll have much better luck altering some early 90s thrift store finds, there are a few lovely tribal-inspired treasures to be found online. Let’s go shopping, shall we?

aztec bag
Aztec Bag $51 with 15% PAINFULLYHIP discount code

Tribal Top $31 with 15% PAINFULLYHIP discount code

Impressionist Tunic
$31 with 15% PAINFULLYHIP discount code
feather earrings
Chained Wings Earrings – Etsy $30

Greta Top $34.50

black is the new black: another photoblog

If you know me at all (or can read the site description), you know that I’m mad about color, prints and audaciousness in general. But now that bright colors have been a trend for so long, classic black is seeming downright fresh. Here are a few international streetstyle picks demonstrating the impact of black and the magical way it shows off creative silhouettes and puts details and accessories in the foreground.

socks and mary janes

pink purplered shoes
gladiator detailsacid wash
all blacklong jacket

2 girls one cup

redsocksred hair
jackethot boy

80s jumpsuit
all blackall black

barack obama

thrift stars of the week! 12 Feb 08

Hello lovelies,
I’m starting to feel vaguely human again, so here are your Wardrobe_Remix Thrift Stars. This week I’m giving them book/song titles. Why? Because this is my blog, that’s why. Enjoy!

nonoyes slouchy boots

How to Make a Sundress Look Downright Cozy 101

geek specs oversize
Judy Dreams of Horses and Masters Sultry Geek Chic

red blue
A Staggering Display of Heartbreaking Hipness

green jacket
The Princess and the Perfect Pinafore.

Flood Readiness: Only the Hippest Survive

clothes horse
French Cinema Vixens of the 1960’s

the coveted nude minidress
Ombre Amour

ruffle top
Madeline Enlists

bw ruffles
The Girl with the Pearl Tongue Piercing

Chanelling Nomi

The Picture-Perfect Outfit (forgive me, i’m sick)

gypsy chic
The Gypsy Madonna


Expect the Unexpected.

Hey everybody! Thanks very much for your well-wishings this week. My fever finally broke so I am definitely on the up and up and should be back to posting regularly by tomorrow. In the meantime, Sarah will end the hip famine with this inspiring little gem of a post. Thanks so much, Sarah!

What is it about street-style that makes people (like myself) compulsively check ten or more sites everyday? I believe it’s the quirk. The element you just do not expect to see. The new and innovative takes on a well-established tradition – which is what all fashion lovers adore most, is it not? Each season we wait with bated-breath to see the new collections put forth by our personal icons. Yet, all of this, this creativity and visual feasting, is now much more readily available on the internet. With daily updates from across the globe of real people taking sartorial matters into their own hands – who (for the love of fashion) could resist? Not I. Don’t get me wrong – there is still the art form that is high fashion and all the beautiful aesthetic outputs that results from it. But I can’t help noticing that girls on the street are inspiring just as many of the fashion forward these days as the runways. Perhaps these same girls are even inspiring runway looks. It’s those unexpected accoutrements and alterations – the dash of quirk – that makes street fashion absolutely perfect in its ‘imperfection’. And most of the modern designers considered significant use this element of the unexpected in their collections season after season. Case in point:

Quirk II.

Moving in a zig-zag pattern from top to bottom and left to right: Miu Miu Carnival-esque, masquerader dress and a Reyjavik Looks’ girl’s seemingly DIY doll-face accessory . Suprisingly bright shoes with an otherwise somber look at Marc by Marc Jacobs and on Facehunter. And, lastly, inspired by the queen of sartorial-liberties Little Edie Beale, a look from John Galliano and yet another innovative Miss from Facehunter.

painfully painful

hi guys,
i’m really sorry i haven’t been up for posting very much this week, i don’t think i’ve ever been sicker than i am now. it hurts to type! i’ve been in solitary confinement in my bed with the plague, coughing up all types of critters since monday. but i ended up being able to open my eyes enough to watch the entire season of Project Runway Canada. it was really good. Iman was hilariously intimidating as the host. my favorite contestant was Marie-Genevieve, I’m sure you can see why when you see this clip (warning, spoilers):

“MG eez back in zee ‘ouse!!”

enjoy, you guys, I’ll be posting more as soon as I can lift my head.. and I’ll try not to die before then. new styles from Marc by Marc Jacobs