painfully painful

painfully painful

hi guys,
i’m really sorry i haven’t been up for posting very much this week, i don’t think i’ve ever been sicker than i am now. it hurts to type! i’ve been in solitary confinement in my bed with the plague, coughing up all types of critters since monday. but i ended up being able to open my eyes enough to watch the entire season of Project Runway Canada. it was really good. Iman was hilariously intimidating as the host. my favorite contestant was Marie-Genevieve, I’m sure you can see why when you see this clip (warning, spoilers):

“MG eez back in zee ‘ouse!!”

enjoy, you guys, I’ll be posting more as soon as I can lift my head.. and I’ll try not to die before then. new styles from Marc by Marc Jacobs

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  • Sallu

    Don’t worry about not posting…I never comment but love your site so thought I would let you know you are not alone in the world with your plague. I have had a the worst flu bug for a week now and can’t shake it either. After only get sick once while being transported by the germ tube (metro) on a daily basis for 2 years, I have been sick 3 times in less than 6 months since moving to a new city. Whatever is going around right now is a monster so take care and take heart you are not alone.

  • thanks so much Sallu! I really appreciate that.
    yeah that’s weird, i was never sick in Vancouver, and since I’ve moved I’ve been sick like 4 times in 5 months!

  • help

    feel better!!! your blog is fun :)

  • I hope you get well soon but it not you should watch the first season of Project Catwalk on youtube. It is the UK version. Then watch Australia’s Next Top Model – also on Youtube. They might ease the pain a little.

  • kylie

    i hope you feel better soon!
    i didn’t know there was a project runway canada…i’m so excited to watch it now!!

  • Loraine

    Feel better, cannot live without my dose of painfully hip;) I’m sure we’ll have a Project Runway South Africa soon, it seems to spread like wildfire, and all the better for it! Am I the only one who thinks Marie-Genevieve looks like Uma Thurman?

  • izzy

    I loved her too she went to my school Marie-Victorin in fashion design they had posters of the show all over the departement and my sewing teacher coulden’t stop talking about her.

  • Emily

    OMG!! over the winter break i spent my days watching that whole seson too! on youtube in 5 to 8 parts per episode. you probibly watched the same ones cause the girl whos youtube i watched it from seemed to be the only one with all the episodes, so you probibly know what im talking about. i loved MG too. shes so adorable! and feel beter!!

  • I do hope you get to feeling better! Drink much tea!

  • suzann

    oh man. I feel your pain. Since moving away from Vancouver I’ve also been sick (like right now!) way more often than I normally would. Maybe it’s a curse-one shant ever leave without feeling the pain!!

    btw, MG was my favourite..but don’t get me started on the.. well, I’ll keep my lips zipped lest I spoil it.

    get better. green tea, lemon wedge and bits of ginger should do the trick.

  • ashley

    hey! I just wanted to say I stumbled across this site one day… not so sure how and I am in love with it. I check it out weekly. I love what you write about and I love how you have “thrift stars of the week” It really makes my day. I have loved thrifting since I was a kid.. and used to get ridiculed for it in school, and I love sewing anything I can get my hands on! Well anyways good job and keep posting.

  • ha. after reading this i saw whole thing on youtube. my favorite was actually the guy who won. i loved his collection. but MG is veeeery nice person, i think.

  • sad face.. get better!

  • how funny. i just popped over here to see what you were up to only to find that you had recently blogged about project canada as well! i found it the other day, when i was looking for the american episodes that i had missed during my move. too ironic.

    hope you’re feeling better!

  • JB Jepson

    Very nice girls. It’s colorful, modern, and fun to look at. Jeannie

  • agata

    i totally get you couldn’t stop watching it! i remember being stuck to yt for a while just before my exams, watching project runway canada instead of studying hard. marie-genevieve was totally sweet, innovative, girly in somewhat boyish way and from the beginnig she was my definite fav! i even ended up having this “marie-genevieve, would you be my girlfriend” stat on every messenger and fecebookish thing i had :)

    and your blog is great. fav’d. hugs.

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