the world of Painfully Hip

the world of Painfully Hip

News, news, news….

    So it turns out that I’ve had my head so far up my ass this month that I completely spaced on the fact that Painfully Hip had its one year anniversary along with its 400,000th visitor this month! Yay us! I can’t thank you all enough for visiting us and checking out our sponsors and just being generally positive and amazing all the time.

    We’ll be in Chicago in a few weeks and are sort of planning a big, but not too big, last minute (head up my ass) Naked Lady Party / Clothing Swap for kids in that area. I can’t make any promises at this point, due to the limited time frame, but right now we’re trying to think of viable (and reasonable) venues for approximately 40-70 in that area so if anyone knows of one, comment s’il vous plait!

    To my fellow bloggers… I am running a special on blog mastheads! Now through March 25th, I’m offering the ridiculously low price of $40 for a custom-designed header. You get to specify size, imagery and request unlimited drafts until you’re 100% stoked. Contact me at Painfully Hip Design if you’re interested.

    In other news, I’m getting a puppy today! I had to leave my beautiful german shepherd, Malouk with her dad in Vancouver so there’s been a bit of a fuzzy hole in my heart ever since. So I’m off to the SPCA to save a life. Right after I go to the dreaded dentist. Wish me luck!

Thanks again for this awesome year!

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