thrift stars of the week! 12 Feb 08

Hello lovelies,
I’m starting to feel vaguely human again, so here are your Wardrobe_Remix Thrift Stars. This week I’m giving them book/song titles. Why? Because this is my blog, that’s why. Enjoy!

nonoyes slouchy boots

How to Make a Sundress Look Downright Cozy 101

geek specs oversize
Judy Dreams of Horses and Masters Sultry Geek Chic

red blue
A Staggering Display of Heartbreaking Hipness

green jacket
The Princess and the Perfect Pinafore.

Flood Readiness: Only the Hippest Survive

clothes horse
French Cinema Vixens of the 1960’s

the coveted nude minidress
Ombre Amour

ruffle top
Madeline Enlists

bw ruffles
The Girl with the Pearl Tongue Piercing

Chanelling Nomi

The Picture-Perfect Outfit (forgive me, i’m sick)

gypsy chic
The Gypsy Madonna