thrift stars of the week! 19 Feb 08

thrift stars of the week! 19 Feb 08

remember when leather skirts were SO out? those days are SO over.

polka dots
Quite the feat: pairing a leather jacket with a polka dot circle skirt and managing to look hip and not like a Pink Lady from Grease. I love this outfit and it’s whimsical little details.

GalaDarling is a 40′s femme fatale with blue hair. An utterly amazing vintage dress.

floppy hat
This photo is all about the nonchalant, but totally stylish pose. Oh and the hat. And the dress. And the boots…

That argyle is bewitching. And pleated. Somebody shoot me.

Even in a print turtleneck and purple suede anklestrap pumps, VitaminInMotion always manages to look like a superhip Snow White.

I adore a 3/4 length sleeved trench coat for spring. And those boots are delicious.


For some reason, this photo reminds me SO much of an iconic Louise Brooks photo. What a mind-blowing $4 find, that batwing sweater.

homemade jumper
She made that lil jumper. How can she look so seductive in that lil stripey jumper??? AND THOSE SANDALS!!!

I heard that only those in violet and electric blue will survive the apocalypse. This dress will catapult her into the celestial kingdom of heaven!

MBibelot and her cartoonish sophistication. How does she do it?

My old friend Juju in her perfect house wearing the most perfect boudoir-inspired turquoise blouse.

The Coveted has nailed 90′s Brit pop as it will be portrayed…in the future. Jarvis Cocker as we see Marc Bolan now.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::, Inc.

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