thrift stars of the week! 26 Feb 08

Hey kids!
Here are your super-amazing wardrobe remix thrift stars this week.

brown ankle strap pumps
This shoe/tights combo could be worn with a really bad bridesmaid dress and still be screaming chic.

So serene. I want her to make me tea and offer me an afghan.

rolling stones t shirt
That wee jacket is exactly what i’ve been questing for, I just didn’t know it till now.
Also? Although those jeans come close, I don’t think there’s anything in the world more beautiful than 60’s Mick Jagger. Just saying.

Take one look at this lovely lass (and her amazing haircut) and you know you just want to buy out all the awesomeness at her Etsy vintage shop.

bubble dress layered
You just can’t go wrong with a bit of creative layering and some wicked vintage accessories.

choir girl
Borderline frumpy choirgirl jumper, black tights and white pumps? Am I so jaded by fashion that I think this is completely awesomely hot in every way?

gangsta cowgirl
Even YOU could pull off cowboy boots and a track jacket with that piercing sneer. The uberhip haircut doesn’t hurt either.

floral dress
Nevermind the Wonder Woman belt and the Jackie-O-licious shades, I want that car!

mixed patterns
I can’t tell wear her tattoos end and her outfit begins. Love!

gypsy chic
This is way too much gloriousness to keep track of (Feathers! Shoes! Luggage! COUCH!!).

I love the charm of the necktie and sweatervest, but the best accessory is the sleepy husband.

bobonnia black outfit
The silhouette is dreamy, but that newspaper clutch?? I want to take it to a posh art opening and just stand around like a nonchalant grampa all night.