seven easy pieces in three short installments, part II

hi everyone! here’s installment number two about updating and reducing your wardrobe… hope you’re all having a great week!


along with the personal style upheavals spring brings, i feel like the “environmental awareness” trend has been gaining more and more intensity.
(this is amazing and wonderful and really really awesome.)
more people are thrifting, re-fashioning, re-cycling, buying vintage, second hand, (or hand made) off of ebay, etsy, and all the other small-business-ish sites out there, and otherwise just reducing their fashion intake.  

interestingly enough, it was in the ’80’s that donna karan introduced her “seven essential (or easy) pieces,” which consisted of a collection of seven garments – a bodysuit, a coat, a jacket, blouse, skirt, pants and something a little fancier for the evening – that, when owned as whole, would pretty much cover every basic clothing need.
the pieces were created to work together and could be mixed and matched to take you from day to evening. the collection itself was designed for simplicity and ease in stylish dressing for the modern woman (as donna karan viewed her.)
(i find this particularly amusing since the ’80’s are not really remembered for their minimalist and environmentally conscious approach at anything…) 

donna karan recently re-introduced this concept with her icons collection. (you can also read more about it here.)

icons 1 donna karan 2donna karan 3
donna karan 4  donna karan 5  donna karan 6

these aren’t necessarily the seven pieces i would create my wardrobe with, (and not really in the price bracket i shop in), but i’m in love with this concept. it’s something i’ve been playing around with in my head for a while, and cleaning out my closet has made me start thinking about it more seriously. how nice would it be to be able to open up my closet door and know that almost everything i own is something that not only looks good on, but also works well with the rest of the things i own? how much stress would be eliminated if my clothing options complimented each other, rather than being a clashing pile of ill-fitting prints and patterns purchased in a fit of “oooh! pretty!” rather than “what exactly will i wear this with?”  in order for this to work though, it means adding pieces to your wardrobe that fit with what already resides there, and not just blindly buying anything that sparkles. it takes a bit more thought and planning and less impulse, but i don’t think those are bad things to practice, by any means. i’ve found that most impulse buys have lead to unnecessary credit card bills and a pile of things i realistically won’t ever wear, but feel too guilty about purchasing to donate to goodwill. 

so with all of this in mind, these are the questions i’ve been pondering:
• what exactly would i choose, if i were creating my own “seven easy pieces?”
• would this collection be seasonal, or would i have an entirely separate set of pieces for spring/summer and fall/winter?
• would i limit myself to seven, or would i increase that number a bit? ten easy pieces? even more?
• what sort of trends (personal or commercial) would i follow in creating this collection of pieces, or would i try to maintain a sense of “timelessness?” is that even possible?
i have worn some of my favorite things for years, but i think that’s more of a personal preference than an actual stylistic “timelessness.” i could be completely wrong here, but when i hear the term “timeless,” elastic-waist slacks and shapeless jumpers come to mind, which i feel achieve their title by never really being a fashionable choice to begin with, and therefore eliminate the danger of being given the opportunity to fall from grace.  
please share your thoughts on this with me! i want to hear how you answer these questions.