thrift stars of the day

thrift stars of the day


i love the gladiator platforms with the beautifully rich textures. magnifique!
 all. thrifted. that’s it, i’m moving to the midwest.
…and after that, i’m moving to Thailand. Boboniaa and her perfect jumpers just make me want to kill myself.
Those shorts are perfect. In every god-given way. 

2 comments to thrift stars of the day

  • hello there, i have just discovered your website. thanks fot posting my photo, i’m very honored! :-)
    i love the style of Boboniaa!!

  • No, don’t move to the midwest–move South! I think the thrift stores might be even better here.

    Thanks for putting my picture on your site. I love this section because I’m always discovering new Remixers, like the girl in the 1st picture. Lovely!

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