Velocouture Bike Stars!

Velocouture Bike Stars!

Lookit! A post from Eve!

Hubby and I recently moved closer to downtown so I got myself a beautiful metallic blue vintage Peugot. I’ve been fascinated by how it has changed my wardrobe. It’s a world where skirts are more functional than wide leg jeans and boots work better than sneakers (those pesky laces). I’m “skirting” those evil gas prices and riding around like a little green enviro-pixie. Velocouture is Wardrobe Remix on a bike. These are some of my favorites from the images that would allow themselves to be hotlinked. Check out the pool for all the best ones. I’ll work on a ‘check me out’ post so you can see my rad ride. Maybe I’ll include hubby with his red tartan and stripey socks. Just have to get him to track stand for long enough for the shutter to click.

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