Month: May 2008

Eve and Danny: Hip and Mobile

As promised, my new blue stallion and me:

And newlywed boy stallion heading off to work this morning (In English Teacher garb picked out by himself):

Ain’t he precious?

thrift star of the day: brass button baby

5-3-08, originally uploaded by Sally Jane Vintage.

Given the fact that lately I’ll buy anything that dons brass buttons, the only thing that would render this outfit even more perfect is if there were a butt flap in the back with ever more brass buttons. Y’know? I’m thinking practically here.

thrift star of the day: who loves short shorts?

Apparently it’s me. Something about wearing cut-offs with long sleeves and feminine details just makes them seem so… effortless. It’s like the equivalent of throwing a frumpy sweater over a slightly frilly dress – it adds a nice touch of don’tgiveafuck.

Oh and i suddenly want to mate maryjanes with oxfords and make them have lovely, flesh-colored spawn.

thrift star of the day: demure daisy dukes

Smell the Flowers, originally uploaded by non no yes.

This is perplexing on so many levels! Loving the contrast of prudish, high-necked frills and scandalously short cut-offs. Prim and feminine juxtaposed with slightly trashy. Nude chiffon with eggplant corduroy.