Month: June 2008

LL Hip Pick of the week: a dream in cream

Sorry it’s been a bit slow round these parts of the interwebs – last week was leaning toward the insanity-inducing side of things in my world. I promise that this blog has not degenerated into nothing but Thrift Stars posts (in fact, I’ve been working on an incredibly helpful “Ask Painfully Hip” post for forever it seems), it’s only temporary until I recover from the mind-melting comedies and tragedies of the previous week and get caught up on my design work. We’ve got big plans. I thank Eve for taking over on Thrift Stars last week while I was camping out and breathing the not-so-fresh air of the smoke-ridden California skies and antiseptic hallways of the ICU (I should specify that I was there lending support to a friend whose close family member is in a bad way, so no condolences needed for me, but thanks anyway! I will pass them onto him).

So for now I present to you via LadyLanguage the serenity-inducing soft-as-a-silky-something (brain functions will be returning soon – promise) Goddess Tunic with a perfect braided faux-leather halter detail:

goddess tunic only $15.20 with HIP20 discount code!

I can attest to the theistic name of this tunic, I didn’t want to take it off – it’s cozy and cool and the cut is incredibly flattering for broad shoulders like mine. I decided I felt lovely even whilst plucking an errant chin hair.

Do note: Such a ridiculous price allows you to splurge on a nice wide belt like the one I’m wearing and invest in a white strapless bra and/or silky slip if you need one because this dress can tend to be, um, anatomically correct. Fair warning.

photos by Nick Avey
hair by Joshua Michael of Article Salon
clothes provided by LadyLanguage
makeup and styling by me

thrift star of the day: Mint Julep

hotter than a Georgia July, originally uploaded by whiteapple.

This pick is for Amber. She’s been at the ICU all day with a friend and nothing cheers her up more than a perfectly crafted 20’s outfit. This picture could seriously adorn the mast head.

Nice work, whiteapple.
Check out her etsy store too

thrift star of the day: Great Pose, Greater Outfits

wardrobe remix 06-24-08, originally uploaded by ornithes.

Someone should wind them back up so they can do their Toyland dance.
Check out their blog here!


thrift star of the day: Wind can be your friend

Thursday 26th June 2008, originally uploaded by night.owl.

Night.Owl is a dream in her World War II nurse look. Although clearly her world is not in black and white. And all her patients look like Christian Bale. Perfect.

thrift star of the day: Bette Davis clothes, Marilyn Monroe pose

fair warning!, originally uploaded by the snail and the cyclops.

the snail and the cyclops puts together an outfit like Michel Gondry solves a Rubik’s cube with his feet. : it looks difficult but takes only a keen eye and a bit of child-like inventiveness.

thrift star of the day: cartoon chic

, originally uploaded by La Meow.

The exaggerated proportions (bow, bubble, shades), creative layering, classic girly bits (peterpan collar, simple black pumps) and bright pops of color make this seem like a hybrid of the peerless Susie Bubble and Minnie Mouse. FUN.

Lord. La Meow could pull off a moldy burlap sack, I swear.


thrift star of the day: just kill me

6-20-08, originally uploaded by Sally Jane Vintage.

HOW does Sally Jane always find vintage perfection?? Its like she’s reached thrift shopping nirvana.
Here’s the front.

LL Hip Pick of the week: Oh blah dee, oh blah dah, LBD

Life cannot go on without the perfect LBD (pictured)…


$25.60 with HIP20 Discount Code

I’ve worn this dress out dancing a few times already and it totally wins. Its comfy, sexy, unique, universally flattering and easily dressed up or down:


I loooove the ruching detail at the bust and the boning is super-secure and stays put, even when I’m pogoing to MGMT.

And just so you know, Eve is wearing this adorable pleated knit dress with brass buttons…

Only $21.60 with PAINFULLYHIP discount code!

… which is incomprehensibly cozy and as soft as an unclubbed baby seal.

photos by Nick Avey
hair by Joshua Michael of Article Salon
clothes provided by LadyLanguage
makeup and styling by me

thrift star of the day: betty boots

Robe topshop, originally uploaded by bettyjack.

I was going through wardrobe remix today with a friend looking on, when photo of a cute barefooted lass popped up. Being that I do this almost EVERY FUCKING DAY, little things have started to bother me. I was in a bit of a mood and I said, “It ain’t an outfit if you’re not wearing shoes, bitch!” and angrily clicked the next button. Sorry, oh barefooted one, I’m sure you’re a very nice person, but I feel the same way about flip flops. Its like where the climax of the outfit should be, a total letdown lies in wait.

Anyway, this is why I was so peeved… as Betty here beautifully demonstrates, sometimes the shoes ARE the outfit.


thrift star of the day: dress yourself in talent and taste

Japanese way, originally uploaded by Aurelia__.

I wish my crippling laziness didn’t prevent me from whipping up a stunning skirt confection out of thin air and a bit of amazing japanese fabric. She made the top too! Damn you, laziness!

A little more salt for my wound is that I didn’t find that to-DIE-for bag in a thrift store. Blast it all.