thrift star of the day: betty boots

thrift star of the day: betty boots

Robe topshop, originally uploaded by bettyjack.

I was going through wardrobe remix today with a friend looking on, when photo of a cute barefooted lass popped up. Being that I do this almost EVERY FUCKING DAY, little things have started to bother me. I was in a bit of a mood and I said, “It ain’t an outfit if you’re not wearing shoes, bitch!” and angrily clicked the next button. Sorry, oh barefooted one, I’m sure you’re a very nice person, but I feel the same way about flip flops. Its like where the climax of the outfit should be, a total letdown lies in wait.

Anyway, this is why I was so peeved… as Betty here beautifully demonstrates, sometimes the shoes ARE the outfit.


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  • Hahahah I always wondered that too. I’ll see barefoot people and I’ll get a little confused as to why this was on a group for whole outfits.

    And her shoes are fantastic. I couldn’t imagine the outfit being any better without them.

  • That seems a little harsh. Wardrobe Remix is supposed to be actual outfits that you wore in your real life right? Well if you’re not leaving the house all day, you might very well not bother putting shoes on. If you then put on shoes just for the picture, that’s fake! It’s not your actual outfit. I tend to find that some outfits are conceived with shoes included, but some aren’t. And adding shoes to an intentionally shoeless ensemble can ruin it. Please don’t dismiss outfits just because they feature naked extremities!

  • I love wardrobe remix, and it astounds me how you comb through the vast amount of entries every day! I am all for creating some minimum requirements if it so helps you to bring the best to us, your readers! Not to mention, shoes ARE so important- I love your simile, “Its like where the climax of the outfit should be”.

  • Love the boots! everyone has their personal style, a girl i work with walks around the office all day barefooted… it is totally her style and I couldn’t imagine her any other way

  • Amelia

    I love this picture and I agree that shoes can be really important to an outfit. Shoes make a statement. However, I also think that going barefoot can make a huge statement as well. Sometimes barefoot is right for an outfit. I’m not saying that everyone on w_r who goes barefoot is making a conscious statement, but I don’t think it’s right to say that it’s not an outfit without shoes.

  • I’m with ya one the flip flops! So many a lovely dress are ruined by flip flops, when real sandals wouldn’t require much more effort, but would look so much nicer. There are even backless real sandals making them basically nice flip flops.

    And W_R should be about what you wear out not around the house, as the rules do include “…something you walked out the front door in THIS WEEK.” Though I have seen some gals pull off the barefoot look…

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