Month: July 2008

Ipod Battle Tonight!!!

ipod battle

Come see us spin some face-melting jams and shred the measly competition!

just wondering…

so i think this is gonna be my fall look:



i’ve made a list, and i’m on my way to go pick up the necessary supplies.

anyone else in?

california select?

i’ll be the first to admit that i’m turning on my “painfully behind the times” lamp by even bringing this up, but today i happened to re-stumble upon california select and it kind of got me thinking…

actually, it kind of got me feeling a little anxious, possibly even annoyed…

american apparel doing the vintage ebay thing? and as it turns out, the blog thing as well.

it’s quite possible that i’ve gotten fussy about this due to the poor grammar i discovered in said blog. proof-reading is something nice people do, to make reading words nicer for other nice people.

maybe american apparel doesn’t care about niceness?

i think what really got me going though, is the fact that i really don’t like it when previously established monstrosities try to get in on indie/hip/witty and/or clever things that us common folk come up with out of necessity, because these above-mentioned juggernauts of fabulous tee-shirt production have already monopoly-ed all the other aspects of the industry.

(for the record, i put scarlett johansson’s singing career and mcdonald’s referring to themselves as “mickey d’s” in their print advertisingin the same catagory.)

i am aware of the fact that i am being a complete jackass to many many people at this moment in time.

this said, i have to admit, they have some pretty neat stuff on their site:

also, acquiring more tri-blend deep-v’s is high on my to-do list for this week, so i should probably stop talking while i’m still somewhat ahead…

Basso and Brooke 2008 Collection inspired by… Fish? La Couture des Poisson from Trend de la Creme

I was wandering around the blogosphere (god, I hate that word), when I happened upon this gorgeous post from the ever so entertaining and clever Trend de la Creme, comparing the latest Basso & Brooke‘s collection to her favorite wee sea life, the beautifully amorphous pipefish. The resemblance is absolutely stunning.

Thanks, Jill, for letting me borrow these images.

thrift star of the day: charleston central

twenty two, originally uploaded by the snail and the cyclops.

The snail and the cyclops must know that the keys to my heart are a drop waist, a flapperish chignon and charleston-worthy maryjanes. I can’t help it.

Happy 22nd birthday to her!

splendicity’s hot links this week

I have not been as active in the lovely Splendicity community as I should be, so here are some hot links from around the blogosphere.
Enjoy. Like a juicy sausage.

From the Splendicity community, comes this week best in beauty, fashion and shopping.


Wardrobe Oxygen offers some tips for a woman in her ’30s to perform a proper closet clean-out.

The Well-Heeled Society interviews Shoe Designer Mark Schwartz about his journey from being the protégé of Roger Vivier to his website launch of High Heeled Art.

Snarkstress wants your opinion on Jessica Simpson’s latest look: Is she hot…or not?

Teen Style Lounge has found 3 pairs of double-duty cuties that will take your footwear wardrobe from summer to fall.


A Touch of Blusher reveals where to indulge in beauty retail therapy in London.

The Fragrance Fanatic suggests some great gift sets exclusive to Nordstrom’s Beauty Exclusives sale.

Beautiful Makeup Search says to Ban the Bumps with Bikini Zone. She is so excited about this product that she is giving away five tubes of this fantastic cream.

Aging Fabulous says that she is in dire need of this neck cream from StriVectin.

Beauty Blogging Junkie has identified her holy grail concealer. Find out what it is here.

Beauty Banter uncovers the secret powers of ZINC… in sunscreen!

Beautyholics Anonymous discovered the joys of Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance. Bye bye crease lines!

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic found a great liquid makeup from Tarte, but hurry, it’s Limited Edition!

Beautynomics interviews PCA Skin Head Scientist/Dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Linder about PCA Skin and gets to learn alot about skin care!

Steeping Beauty gets cleansing with NARS balancing foam mousse.


eye4style gives in to a guilty fashion pleasure -Tori Spelling’s new jewelry line for HSN. Check it out here!

photographs of face-melting charm: because i had a shitty morning

The landlords took over my living room at an ungodly early hour to have a long business meeting with an architect so they can figure out how many ways they can annoy us whilst planning to completely gut this perfectly awesome historical house they’re snatching out from under us. I feel like I’m on Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo or something. They kept knocking on my door to invade my little corner while I was working and I just kept saying “OCCUPIED!”

Urgh, those fart-sniffing douche-nozzles! A foul mood was inevitable, especially since we’re out of coffee.

Luckily, as I was shopping for my latest Thrift Star on wardrobe remix, the most cheer-inducing photos kept popping up. I couldn’t stay mad at my morning. Just you try and resist an onslaught of freckles, puppies, florals, balloons, ukuleles and pretty lighting!


sally jane





clothes horse

Happy premise #3: Even though I feel like I might ignite, I probably won’t.

I better go eat some chocolate and listen to Bon Iver.

what to wear while getting in trouble

in my personal experience as a Very Good Kid, summer has always been the easiest time to find trouble.

reflecting on this, it struck me that it is late july, the doldrums have set in, some of you may have forgotten how to get into trouble.

that’s no good.

don’t worry, i can help you.

pondering further, i was struck with another thought: after accomplishing the havoc i had set out to wreak, most often, (in the past of course,) my main concern was, “why on earth did i choose to wear this?!”

i’m sure this is the most frequent concern on your mind as well, when you get caught in the act.

don’t worry, i can help you with that too.

nobody wants to look back on their pestilence and realize that it was completely overshadowed by a bad outfit.

with this universal concern in mind, i have created a summer mini-series that needs no further introduction. it shall be called:

What To Wear While Getting In Trouble

(or how to incorporate this seasons trendiest pieces into your bad behavior.)

episode 1:

Wearing a Floral Romper into the Fountain in Front of the Court House

this episode shows how to wear one of this summers’ hottest pieces – the floral romper (or onesie/jumpsuit/playsuit/whatever) – while getting into public water in front of a government building, that is apparently not a pool.

it is important to note that the romper is the foundation to this outfit, but by no means the only piece involved. just as important are the leather belt and gold hoop earrings, which help you look somewhat respectable as you approach the fountain. (bike and bag are left under a shade tree, to reduce the amount of time spent “setting things down” at the fountain edge. for optimum fountain face-time, you must eliminate as much prep-work as possible. remember, security does not want you to have fun.)

other than that, there are three very important accessories that must not be forgotten when creating this look:

  • keds – these are fantastic in that they slip easily on and off for fountain entry and exit. they also do not fly off the foot as you are running and/or peddling wildly away.
  • over-sized scarf – this (obviously) doubles as a drying device.
  • walkie-talkie – this can be used to either give the appearance that you are important, and therefore it’s ok that you are in the fountain, or, if that fails, to warn the others that you are with that the security guy is coming back.
i hope this first episode has been helpful in re-igniting that flame of fashionable disobedience.
please stay tuned for the next installment.
until then, don’t get caught with your ugly pants down.

thrift star of the day: hell yes

, originally uploaded by guiltyquilty.

Never before have I been more tempted to give my little brother a squirt gun filled with Clorox and then start calling him “Tater Nuts” in front of his friends whilst wearing my favorite skinnies.

thrift star of the day: everyday prom

nerd!, originally uploaded by atriuum.

How is this possible?? She’s wearing a tea-length vintage lace dress and white stilettos a la Pretty in Pink and still manages to look totally fucking current. Hurrah for quirky accessories and chic haircuts.
Its all about context.

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