california select?

california select?

i’ll be the first to admit that i’m turning on my “painfully behind the times” lamp by even bringing this up, but today i happened to re-stumble upon california select and it kind of got me thinking…

actually, it kind of got me feeling a little anxious, possibly even annoyed…

american apparel doing the vintage ebay thing? and as it turns out, the blog thing as well.

it’s quite possible that i’ve gotten fussy about this due to the poor grammar i discovered in said blog. proof-reading is something nice people do, to make reading words nicer for other nice people.

maybe american apparel doesn’t care about niceness?

i think what really got me going though, is the fact that i really don’t like it when previously established monstrosities try to get in on indie/hip/witty and/or clever things that us common folk come up with out of necessity, because these above-mentioned juggernauts of fabulous tee-shirt production have already monopoly-ed all the other aspects of the industry.

(for the record, i put scarlett johansson’s singing career and mcdonald’s referring to themselves as “mickey d’s” in their print advertisingin the same catagory.)

i am aware of the fact that i am being a complete jackass to many many people at this moment in time.

this said, i have to admit, they have some pretty neat stuff on their site:

also, acquiring more tri-blend deep-v’s is high on my to-do list for this week, so i should probably stop talking while i’m still somewhat ahead…

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  • I know what you mean – I buy AA stuff all the time, and yet still feel like their foray into vintage is…wrong. But I guess they have as much right to profit from this phenom as anyone else.

  • I completely agree. It’s comparable to Urban Outfitters’ Urban Renewal line or the thrifted boots they sell at outrageous prices. Although some of the California Select auctions don’t end very high (in comparison to the various ebay stores with cult followings), so it could be a good thing however briefly.

    P.S. Love your blog!

  • That blog is icky.
    I find Scarlett Johansson’s Louis Vuitton ads, Disney ads, and constant chatter in interviews about how she’s had to embrace her full figure (yeah right like it’s a disadvantage, as if she doesn’t know she gorgeous) just as annoying as her singing career.

  • oldskoolthriftr

    UGGGHHH! I totally agree! Dov Charney is the epitome of misogyny and capitalism! AA does not care abt niceness, It feels soulless and wrong. I am so glad that you have soul and warmth to what you do here. keep it up! Painfully hip kicks ass!

  • Sal

    I’m with you, lady. AA gets greedier, weirder, and less appealing by the minute. California Select does nothing to win back my love for their products, ads, or slimeball execs.

  • i totally agree with you!
    and as someone who used to work at american apparel i can assure you they don’t don’t give an eff about niceness.

  • Please support real small-guy vintage stores. :)

  • Yes! I second everything you just said. It’s just too much.

  • you guys are awesome!
    i’m so glad i’m not the only one feeling this way :)
    i was a little afraid that by writing this i’d be stepping on a few toes.
    (i’m sure i have, but it’s also nice to know i’m not the only one who’s slightly annoyed by the whole thing)


  • yikes! i’ll step out and admit that i didn’t know about this, and now that i’m thinking about it i’m totally stressed out! i mean really American Apparel, leave the little independent thrifties alone for gods sake. they can’t afford to buy your t-shirts if you run them out of business!

  • I totally agree. AA is totally overextending themselves… seems like they’re desperately trying to garner white people street-cred. Lame! And they are most certainly NOT in the business of being “nice”, as you put it. Although, like you, I am planning out my next bodysuit/tshirt/skirt buying mission there in the near future.

  • diana

    I completely agree with you and to add to what you said, I don’t like when some singers or actresses try to be fashion designers, they have it easier then say someone who is starting from scratch. I mean every singer now has a perfume out!

  • I don’t have to tell you twice I’m more than peeved! Ugh!!!

    (….for you, not them. they get a thumbs down.)

  • Ugh to both American Apparel and Scarlett Johanssen’s career in general.

  • jrrrl

    i toootally disagree. like it or not, aa is making vintage cooler to some people with their excessive advertising. it’ll only make more people want to buy vintage clothes. if anything, aa will make little vintage stores more money. and, it may not seem like it, but there’s plenty of vintage clothes to go around. i really doubt aa gets their vintage clothes the same way little indie shops do.

  • jrrrl: very good point on getting the whole vintage thing out there for the public, and you’re right, it probably will help the little shops in the end. i think my main point of frustration is when big companies keep trying to pull off that “we’re your cool indie best friend” thing. (although that’s what got aa all their attention in the first place…)

    i suppose there’s really no pleasing me :)

  • Looks like they’re going somewhat alternative. Not exactly breaking new ground but moving in a different direction..

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  • Haha, I love the colorful one. I would love for my girlfriend to wear that one.

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