just wondering…

just wondering…

so i think this is gonna be my fall look:



i’ve made a list, and i’m on my way to go pick up the necessary supplies.

anyone else in?

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  • me! me! me!
    i just bought a black headband adorned with feathers at forever 21 and have plans to make more like it!
    i own dark lipstick and now i just need some awesome slips/dresses!

  • Oh yes, a million times adorable. I so prefer the retro look to what’s going on today. The hair and makeup in these shots are ever so adorable, not to mention the clothes.

    Go for it!

  • Nic

    I just bought a feather headband, and have plans to make more, and other fun headband based hats! It is the going to be the new look! Well it is going to be my new look…

  • That last photo makes me want to cut my curly hair… I doubt mine would look like that though…

  • Amazing amazing! Even more motivated now to head to the nearest arts & crafts store to pick me up some plumes

  • Sal

    Well, OK. But tell me first where you’ll be going to buy your slightly-creepy-dude-who-peeks-out-from-behind you.

  • so glad to have so many takers!

    sal – i don’t think there’s ever really a shortage in places to buy slightly creepy dudes… in fact, i don’t really even think we’ll have to purchase them. they seem to just kind of show up.

  • raq

    that last dress will be my prom dress.

  • Skylar :]


    Oh, hey, any pointers on where i can get some cute uniform-style clothes for school?
    i have to wear a uniform, and im afraid i’ll look like a box.

    thanks, skylar


  • sarah-Cate

    I love love love this look! Im totally in! I cant really pull off the slip dress because of my curves but I’m totally digging the hair and makeup!!

  • French Bulldogs are the hottest new accessory…but they don’t do well in the wash. Just something to keep in mind. ;)

  • oh i am so in. the makeup style is just the look im going for.

  • skylar: try the children’s section for uniforms. anything with cropped sleeves and a more fitted shape helps eliminate the “boxy” factor. also, make sure that the shoulders fit! that’s a big one that a lot of people miss. it’s surprising how many things you can pull off, as long as the shoulders fit.

    look through wardrobe_remix photos for inspiration too. there have been a lot of really cute/well dressed people pulling off the uniform look lately.

    have fun with it :)

  • i really like this one too…the pictures are really good, who is the photographer?

  • Liz

    Hmmmm! Yes, but only during those lovely moments when I’m pretending to be a fairy princess??

  • Kajsa

    Buster Keaton! Easily my favorite actor.

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