Month: July 2008

strange obsessions

SAS, originally uploaded by thriftcandy.

i’ve been having these lately – deep and un-explainable obsessions with things that make my friends and loved ones either giggle, or look away uncomfortably.

this week? granny shoes.

(really though, who doesn’t love a little bit of foot comfort when it’s 100 degrees out?)

oh, thrift candy, your outfits never cease to be inspiring…

thrift star of the day: pale pink & navy

from wardrobe_remix:

An unexpected color theme that’s tickling my fancy of late. Also loving the ankle tight jeans with sweet mocs/ankle boots.

thrift star of the day: navy and pale pink

from wardrobe_remix:

shopping face on, originally uploaded by Melonade.

I’m sensing a theme here.

Sacto Street Style

Feast on eye candy Jillian and Matt at the local bro bar on her 21st birthday:

matt and jillian

Cutest. Couple. Ever.
Seriously. They’re like extremely fierce… baby chipmunks! Make it stop.

thrift star of the day: sun day

sun day, originally uploaded by flairtoremember.

The color of this skirt (ooh pockets!) makes me drool with envy (cliche’s are so cliche). I’ve been pining for some low-heeled vintage peeptoe sandals just like these. She’s like a cross between Jessica Rabbit and Robin Hood.

LL Hip Pick of the Week: What to wear when the temp is pushing 100

Or 110 like the other day?? Jiminy, that is SO not cool. It’s the opposite of cool actually.

Plus, because of the wildfires around California, the smoke hangs in the air like coastal fog, only instead of the salt-crispness you’d expect, it’s like nuclear fallout. Everyone in my neighborhood has smokers lung from riding their damn bikes. Yesterday when I got back from a ride across town in deadly humidity, I could only describe myself as feeling a bit like a smoked mozzarella.

So what to wear?

A comfy, cool, easy and well-ventilated t-shirt dress. And in exactly the modern flapper style I’m always craving.

only $34.40 with HIP20 Discount Code

…and here it is in real life action. Ms. Drunkypants and my uber hip friend Chris:

If I could live in this thing, I would. Believe.

photos by Nick Avey
hair by Joshua Michael of Article Salon
clothes provided by LadyLanguage
makeup and styling by me

thrift star of the day: colorblock hourglass

Jul9 – rubber legs, originally uploaded by caroline@goodwiu.

The epitome of simple, sexy, modernized vintage. All thrifted. The shapes and colors are perfection in combination. I just adore skirts with buttons, don’t you?

When Life Attacks: Sometimes you’re not ready, but sometimes you just think you aren’t.

Times, they are a-changing here at Painfully Hip.

On the 4th of July, my landlords stopped by for a “chat” and promptly informed my roommates and I that they sold their current residence and were moving into our large and profoundly cozy home. Out on our asses in 30 days. I found myself slightly panicked and instantly lamenting the loss of our shady party porch, my sunny, bright, spacious and always cool bedroom, music-filled living room and newly re-landscaped (with our very own girlsweat, no less!) backyard with a dear-god-in-heaven-so-deliciously-womblike-hammock, all nestled in the heart of the most conveniently located, tree-lined and vintage shop-ridden neighborhood in all the land. Ah Midtown Sacramento, how I will miss thee.

While living in Vancouver, BC (my previous hometown of seven years), I had somehow transformed into a reluctant recluse in spite of my nature. But during less than 10 grateful months of living in this stunning little Capital City, I am knee-deep in the dearest of friends, fashion shows, photoshoots, the near center of the local fashion and music scenes, featured in local culture papers and being offered fashion columns in local magazines.

I’d have to say I’ve definitely come into my own via this nurturing little town, but I’m afraid I’ve become a sort of “Sacra-lebrity” (thanks for the word, Steve-Mo). I can’t enter a bar without a chorus of friendly voices marking my arrival and I am not likely to walk out my front door without being happily accosted by a familiar face or a reader. I haven’t lately introduced myself to someone without them already knowing something about me. My friends just happen to be my neighbors and my irrepressibly fantastic roommates quickly became my family. I feel loved and supported, overwhelmed and grateful. Not to mention simultaneously exhilarated and terrified. And perhaps just a little bit… claustrophobic.

I have grown to adore this town and it’s homeyness, ease of living, lack of rat-raciness, and it’s seductive way of turning gung-ho wanderlusters into delirious homebodies… but I have always wanted to travel excessively. However, my penchant for long-term relationships and dead-end 9-5 jobs had up until now kept me imprisoned in my complacency.

Now that I have made the frighteningly synchronized leap to self-employment and singledom, my possessions have been whittled down to necessities, and (many thanks to the internet, my invaluable and dear tech genius Carl, my loyal readers, sponsors and design clients) my job is contained within this 5 pound Macintosh, and my wanderlusting heart is all my own. Fuck rent and a fixed address, I am totally portable. I have no choice but to take full advantage of my freedom and this fire under my ass.

I’ve got to get out of here.

Now the only question is “Where to?”

If all goes as planned, the premise of this blog will be changing. Instead of only searching the internet for the fashion-savvy elite, I will be searching the world. Posts from me will be fewer, but infinitely more inspired (I’m lining up amazing guest posters to pick up my slack). I will be living off a few dollars a day and flying by the seat of my proverbial high-waisted pants, floating to wherever the wind sees fit. I’ll be meeting up with readers and bloggers, throwing swaps, searching for wifi hotspots, working from sidewalk cafes.

The plan so far. Next month I am off to stay for 10 days in Vancouver to then hop on the Role Mach tourbus for a West Coast roadtrip where I will attempt to learn their vaguely Boredoms-inspired songs on my ukulele and take photos of small and large town hipsters. Want a painfully hip haircut for a mere donation? Come over to the merch booth. I might be waiting with unlicensed, but terribly talented scissors to attempt to help pay for the liquid gold that will power us down the highway.

In September, I’m returning to gregarious and windy Chicago. My amazing friends, Ira and Andrea are generously lending me their guest room for a month or so. I’ll be documenting street style and teaming up with Andrea’s droolicious Forkable Blog to document dinner party revelers and haute cuisine. I plan on getting extremely fat.

After that? Who knows? After couch-surfing for a bit I should be able to afford an overseas fare. Front running destinations are Bangkok, Copenhagen, or possibly Marrakesh. I refuse to specify time limits at this point. Let’s just call it the Painfully Global World Tour. But what I’d really like to know is, where would you go to find inspiration on a limited budget, oh Legion of the Painfully Hip? A place where a lone (but hopefully not lonely) girl can wander- aimless and free of paranoia. Should I come to your neck of the woods? I am giddy with anticipation and on a mission for self-realization. I’ve never been here before. What else can I say but Thank You. You’ve made this girl’s dreams feel a bit more tangible. I’m so glad to have you along for the ride.

thrift stars of the day: boogie woogie bugle girls

Double the fun!, originally uploaded by irene_adler.

It’s as if the same outfit morphed from the 40s to the 70s through the magic of time travel.

thrift star of the day: i recommend pajamas with heels

., originally uploaded by anneso_cachemireetsoie.

…because it works.
It’s quirky without a twinge of trying too hard. In fact, it looks like she literally rolled out of bed and put on her glasses and the first shoes she saw. Let’s call it somno-chic.

Here’s her blog.