Month: August 2008

thrift star of the day: unadulterated pretty

originally uploaded by fashion rubies ( for wardrobe_remix

When I get dressed, if something looks too “pretty” I have this incessant, unreasonable need to uglify it a little. But his lovely lass is wearing the outfit-equivalent of an endless field of blooming irises. And I totally love it.

Tales from the West Coast

Oh man. Going on a West Coast Tour with three amazing bands and pretending to be a musician was apparently my dream come true. Seriously. I learned the songs along the way and then wailed on that uke just like I knew what I was doing. And I met so many hip kids with false respect for my fake talent! I had been planning on getting more street style photos of locals, but unfortunately riding in a van with 9 peoples’ stuff covering up your stuff is not conducive to always having your camera with you. Luckily I was able to whip it out in Olympia where hipness was rampant.

A few random shots from the tour…







San Francisco (Giants game).

One of many highlights? I found a delightful thrift store in Cave Junction, Oregon where they were having a wondrous thing called a “Bag Sale…” Stuff a grocery bag with anything you want for TWO FUCKING DOLLARS (Um hi, Death? I can welcome you now). I kept everyone waiting in the van for me, but made up for it when I came back and handed out practically free presents like I was Santa Claus.

Diana!! Thanks so much for stylishly picking up my slack whilst I was endlessly searching for sub-par wifi on the road. You are the BEST.
And another huge thanks to all the kind-hearted hipsters who put all of us and our abundance up every night!

I’m on Tour!
When Life Attacks: Sometimes you’re not ready and sometimes you just think you aren’t.

a call to arms: my legs

i have to say, i’m typically not a big fan of patterned – and i mean, subtly, tastefully – patterned legwear. i’m a bit small in stature, and quite honestly, anything that chops the leg into tiny visual chunks is terrifying. i was absolutely mortified when hugely patterned tights and leggings started creeping out of dark alleys a couple years ago. it really bothered me, on an emotional level.

so i’m really really confused by my deepening adoration of the bebaroque tights that have been springing up on every awesome blog that ever existed in the entire universe. period.

i mean, honestly, it doesn’t make sense. these are not subtle OR tasteful, and i didn’t even need my normal “warm up period,” to fall in love. they just suddenly became the only thing i’ve been able to think about.

exhibit a: (or “the sparkly ones” as i’ve compartmentalized them in my head. this is not their official name.)

these seem to be the ones i’ve seen the most. they’re awesome, yes. but then when i actually took a moment to look at the rest of the site, i found “the hairy ones.”

or, exhibit b:

i have to say, i might have gotten even a little more excited about these. they’re like a mohawk for your calf! who would have thunk it?!

as it turns out, along with my (normal) aversion to fancy legwear, i also have a bit of an issue with spending $60 and international postage on tights. even hairy ones. so i’m on a bit of a mission now. (god, i live for missions…) a DIY version.

so far, these supplies have both crossed my mind, and then almost simultaneously been crossed off the mental list of “good ideas”: tin foil, glue sticks, the fringe off my carpet, and pennies. i feel like i should be able to do better than that.

i have one more idea, but i don’t want to say it out loud and jinx the whole thing… know this though: if it turns out as awesome as my mental image, there will be actual pixilated documentation, and it will be shared.

here’s where you can join in though: any fantastic ideas out there for DIY fancy fall tights? i’ll send you a mental high-five if i like your idea. (trust me. you’ll know. my mental high-fives have been known to knock people over when they least expect it.)


i know that’s not a title.  or even a word.  it’s a sound, really, and i hope you read it as such.  but…  a new thrift shop opened this morning!!  (you can make the “ack!” sound for me again if you’d like.  it’s ok.  i’ll wait.)

when does that happen?!?!  

i know.  it’s like halley’s comet.  

so…  despite STILL being sick, i set my alarm for 7:30 this morning, (to give myself a good hour of pre-public-spaces time to hack up my last lung,) and informed the best friend that she would be attending with me.  

did i mention that this might be the most exciting event of my life?  

the best friend and i arrived half an hour before opening time, and managed to be numbers 13 and 14 in the quickly growing line.  (and also about 50 years younger than the spriteliest attendee.)  this calmed my growing fears of having to compete for goodies, since it seemed very unlikely that i would be trampled to death by a group of senior citizens who suddenly decided that they wanted to buy back all of the things they had purged from their attics. 

so, while there was quite a commotion going on over in the tupperware and recliner isles, i was able to leisurely browse through the clothing and cast disapproving glances in the general direction of my misbehaving elders.  it was a lovely morning, really.

after a good two hours at the event, the bestie and i decided to call it a day, and haul the loot back over to my apartment.  what happened there?  why, we played dress-up of course.  (duh.)

and so now, without further ado, i present to you, (make-up less, fever-riddled, and entirely worn out on fun)…

commander mcthrifty

(ok.  it’s me.  but it’s a pretty sweet cape, right?)

dear diary,

day three in bed with the flu.  

i’ve exhausted all un-read options in my google reader many times over, and re-organized my collection of musthave jeffrey campbellbookmarks into the order i will acquire them in.  (i am now in the process of figuring out how that will happen.)

obviously, after those things have been done, the only thing left to do on the internet is obsessively hit the “refresh” button on the page i have devoted AT ALL TIMES and ONLY TO wardrobe_remix.  duh.

which is how i found yarn over movement.  (there are reasons to be ocd.)


see this?  this is exactly how one gracefully transitions from summer to early fall. cute mini skirt and tee combo?  check.  covetable jaunty cap and scarf? check.  slightly muted colors?  check.  i now see the error in the way i have been lurking around my apartment for the last three days in a mint green american apparel one-piece and my stretched out black beanie, in a fever-induced stupor.  

no, diana!  wrong!  

since i had plenty of time to lurk, i also discovered that this girl who has saved me from total fall-fashion self-humiliation also has a great blog and an etsy, (which she promises to re-open in the beginning of september,) where she sells hand-made goodies such as cowls, lace and cable berets, and cable fingerless gloves. 

i’m wondering if she takes special-requests for a mint-green combo of all three, to match my fall one-piece?

who gets sick in the summer?!?!

a cold? in august?
it doesn’t even make sense.
but it has given me plenty of time to scour the inter-web for more summer inspiration. (because yes, in the southwest, there’s still plenty more to come.)

i found this fantastic site, and i have to say, if you don’t have four or five hours to spend looking at awesome things right now, don’t click on the link. seriously.

to make it a little harder for you to say no though, i’ll share a couple (and by “couple,” i really do mean just a few of the hundreds of my favorites.

sometimes i look at pictures of goldie hawn, and i think, “how could anyone be that perfect?”

really, i mean, everything about this picture is amazing.  the hair.  the dress.  (that DRESS!!)  those shoes…  and that pose.  yeah.  i’ve been dreaming of the perfect ruffled summer dress, and i think goldie has been hoarding it.  not cool goldie.  not cool.




i’m coveting sharon tate’s mini dress is so intensely.  even if i would be terrified to wear it anywhere past my back porch.  but at least i’d be the best dressed girl on that porch.



marisa mell, is that a onesie you’re wearing?  may i borrow it?  may i borrow your boots as well?  and while were at it, can i watch danger: diabolik while i’m wearing your outfit?  and will you not judge me?


and my absolute favorite?  i saved it for last… 



nadia cassini.  looking fantastic.  while getting the stank-eye from ms. cranky-pants in the background.  this picture alone is almost good enough to cure my cold. 

I’m on Tour!

Ok this isn’t really fashion-related, but I just thought I’d let you know to watch out, West Coast. I’m all up in your shit.

I’m in Seattle now, hitching a tourbus ride with Role Mach, Karaocake, and OK Vancouver OK. They played their first show of the tour last night (at a house venue called Dancylvania), ’twas the first one I’d ever seen, and I was so impressed with Role Mach that I insisted they let me join the band. They’re pretty unique and tough to describe (classical, lyrical freakfolk?), but if you like Devendra Banhart, The Boredoms, Nick Drake, Beat Happening, Beirut, or the Fiery Furnaces, you’ll love em. Karaocake and OK Vancouver OK are really amazing as well. Catch us here:

16 Aug 2008
the ould triange [with octothorpe, ok vancouver ok, karaocake] Seattle, Washington
17 Aug 2008
222 percival street nw [with lake, swimming, karaocake, ok vancouver ok] Olympia, Washington
18 Aug 2008
4522 n congress [with ok vancouver ok, karaocake, grandfather claus, swimming] Portland, Oregon
19 Aug 2008
shady pines [with ok vancouver ok and karaocake] Eugene, Oregon
20 Aug 2008
the greenhouse [with caleb nichols, karaocake, ok vancouver ok] Arcata, California
21 Aug 2008
house show [with ok vancouver ok, karaocake] Sacramento, California

I will be getting off the tourbus in Sacramento, but if you live in SoCal, Vegas, or Provo partake in the ear candy at these venues, for serious:

23 Aug 2008
the artshole [with watercolor paintings, ok vancouver ok, karaocake] Isla Vista/Santa Barbara, California
24 Aug 2008
che cafe [with endless bummer, karaocake, ok vancouver ok] San Diego, California
25 Aug 2008
fais do do [with the guppies, ok vancouver ok, karaocake] Los Angeles, California
26 Aug 2008
yayo taco [with ok vancouver ok, karaocake] Las Vegas, Nevada
27 Aug 2008
house show [with ok ikumi, ok vancouver ok, karaocake] Provo, Utah
30 Aug 2008
caterina winery [with karaocake, ok vancouver ok] Spokane, Washington
4 Sep 2008
the railway club [with karaocake, ok vancouver ok, azeda booth] Vancouver, British Columbia
11 Sep 2008
the biltmore [with old time relijun, shearing pinx] Vancouver, British Columbia
27 Sep 2008
cafe deux soleil [with greenbelt, wintermitts] Vancouver, British Columbia


email me at painfullyhip @ if you need any addresses.

Vintage Undies and a Water Fight

Some say that Sacra-lebrity and local DJ Shaun Slaughter is Sacramento’s party scene (he’s opening for !!! at Harlow’s on Aug 26). Well, a few weeks ago, he came up with this idea for a campy photoshoot with scene photographer, Nick Avey and his trusty digital SLR. He had found these amazing vintage tartan (are they wool?) mens knickers at a thrift store for a pant-worthy price so we just had to shoot them in front of some wood panelling. We decided to camp it up further with a chalice of High Life and the most douchey poses possible. Add one bottle of Jack, a case of High Life, a can of peaches (random) and not much convincing, et voila, there I am in my Michael Kors one-piece, thinking I’m the lesbian love child of all three Charlie’s Angels. Damn, you Jack Daniels. How did my life get so ridiculous?

Shaun Slaughter has a reputation round these parts, but he definitely has his charms… Both of which are on full display in gorgeous vintage tartan.

peach pour
crack up
water fight

All hail summertime in all its ridiculousness.

More Etsy Love: Jamie Noel Jewelry Contest!

Lately the jewelry on Etsy has been dominated by that quaint woodland creatures and twigs aesthetic of the moment. Have you noticed? I do love its frolicky ways, but what I’d really love to see is a breath of feather and fur-free fresh air. Yawn.

Enter JamieNoel Jewelry. Stacey’s “interactive” jewelry featuring 1930’s carnival, circus and boardwalk aesthetics are waaaaay more titillating than titmice and chickadees. One pendant features a rocket that launches past a grinning moon, another boasts a be-bobbed bathing beauty who emerges from a boldly-striped changing cabana in her costume, there’s a fortune-teller which actually tells fortunes (allegedly), a puppet show with moving puppets, puzzles, games and circus animals. They are exquisitely-made and you will never be bored in your dentist’s waiting room again.

moonbathingfortunepuppetsmonkeycircus animalslion tamer

Eve is now the proud owner of this Amazing Zoltar Necklace which has a drawer of wish-granting cards just like the one on Big.


And I’m obsessed with my silver Acrobat Headband (my precious…). It’s an outfit-maker if I ever saw one!


So now Stacey of JamieNoel wants to award the Hippest of the Hip (meaning YOU) the chance to win one of her tantalizing Vintage Elevator Necklaces worth $90!

“First Floor Ladies Shoes, Second Floor Cosmetics!”

Remember back when ladies dressed ‘to the nines’ for a trip to the department store and elevators had operators? That was the inspiration for this Vintage Department Store Elevator Necklace with an elevator that really goes up and down.
Simply pull up on the decorative silver filigree knob and the elevator glides up to the top floor, revealing the vintage shoe department scene underneath. The adorable elevator operator is actually the Phillip Morris Bell Boy from old radio show commercials.
The back of this necklace features a vintage photo of Macy’s in New York.
Made from sterling silver solder and hand cut glass.”

To enter, just leave a comment on this post regarding the awesomosity of JamieNoel’s carnivalicious handiwork and we’ll randomly select a winner next week (8/20). Make sure you enter your email address (remains hidden from public) so we can contact you (but not spam you, in case you were wondering).

Good Luck!

thrift star of my heart…

i’ll tell you what happened.

with visuals, even, because visuals make the world go round.


i was lurking on the inter-web, trying to hide from responsibility, and doing other mature things like that, and i stumbled upon this picture:


it was on a blog somewhere.  it had no link, credit, or any of that other good stuff that i need when i decide it’s time to internet-stalk someone with fantastic style.

and you know what happened then?  i had a mission.

i used deductive reasoning to make this list, which would enable me to narrow down my search through the oh, maybe 90  to 91 billion people who use the internet on a regular basis, and make my chances of finding out who this girl is a tad more likely.


(the list)

-she is very well dressed.

-she is posing.  quite comfortably.  like, maybe she’s done this type of thing before.


armed with this thorough outline, i deduced that she must be findable somewhere on flickr…  hmm…  wardrobe_remix perhaps?  

lucky for me, this photograph turned out to be about 5 days old, meaning i only had to spend about an hour and a half sorting through other fashionable ladies and gents to find her.

her name is dixie lux, and she holds the key to my heart.


(also, on a completely un-related and entirely random note, i’m thinking it’s about time someone does something about bringing back the “costume change.”  as in, “yes, i’m changing my outfit again, that was my breakfast ensemble.  have some tea and calm yourself.  i’ll be back downstairs in 20 minutes.”)

i’m thinking that someone might have to be me…