a call to arms: my legs

i have to say, i’m typically not a big fan of patterned – and i mean, subtly, tastefully – patterned legwear. i’m a bit small in stature, and quite honestly, anything that chops the leg into tiny visual chunks is terrifying. i was absolutely mortified when hugely patterned tights and leggings started creeping out of dark alleys a couple years ago. it really bothered me, on an emotional level.

so i’m really really confused by my deepening adoration of the bebaroque tights that have been springing up on every awesome blog that ever existed in the entire universe. period.

i mean, honestly, it doesn’t make sense. these are not subtle OR tasteful, and i didn’t even need my normal “warm up period,” to fall in love. they just suddenly became the only thing i’ve been able to think about.

exhibit a: (or “the sparkly ones” as i’ve compartmentalized them in my head. this is not their official name.)

these seem to be the ones i’ve seen the most. they’re awesome, yes. but then when i actually took a moment to look at the rest of the site, i found “the hairy ones.”

or, exhibit b:

i have to say, i might have gotten even a little more excited about these. they’re like a mohawk for your calf! who would have thunk it?!

as it turns out, along with my (normal) aversion to fancy legwear, i also have a bit of an issue with spending $60 and international postage on tights. even hairy ones. so i’m on a bit of a mission now. (god, i live for missions…) a DIY version.

so far, these supplies have both crossed my mind, and then almost simultaneously been crossed off the mental list of “good ideas”: tin foil, glue sticks, the fringe off my carpet, and pennies. i feel like i should be able to do better than that.

i have one more idea, but i don’t want to say it out loud and jinx the whole thing… know this though: if it turns out as awesome as my mental image, there will be actual pixilated documentation, and it will be shared.

here’s where you can join in though: any fantastic ideas out there for DIY fancy fall tights? i’ll send you a mental high-five if i like your idea. (trust me. you’ll know. my mental high-fives have been known to knock people over when they least expect it.)