i know that’s not a title.  or even a word.  it’s a sound, really, and i hope you read it as such.  but…  a new thrift shop opened this morning!!  (you can make the “ack!” sound for me again if you’d like.  it’s ok.  i’ll wait.)

when does that happen?!?!  

i know.  it’s like halley’s comet.  

so…  despite STILL being sick, i set my alarm for 7:30 this morning, (to give myself a good hour of pre-public-spaces time to hack up my last lung,) and informed the best friend that she would be attending with me.  

did i mention that this might be the most exciting event of my life?  

the best friend and i arrived half an hour before opening time, and managed to be numbers 13 and 14 in the quickly growing line.  (and also about 50 years younger than the spriteliest attendee.)  this calmed my growing fears of having to compete for goodies, since it seemed very unlikely that i would be trampled to death by a group of senior citizens who suddenly decided that they wanted to buy back all of the things they had purged from their attics. 

so, while there was quite a commotion going on over in the tupperware and recliner isles, i was able to leisurely browse through the clothing and cast disapproving glances in the general direction of my misbehaving elders.  it was a lovely morning, really.

after a good two hours at the event, the bestie and i decided to call it a day, and haul the loot back over to my apartment.  what happened there?  why, we played dress-up of course.  (duh.)

and so now, without further ado, i present to you, (make-up less, fever-riddled, and entirely worn out on fun)…

commander mcthrifty

(ok.  it’s me.  but it’s a pretty sweet cape, right?)

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  • Jeannine

    Who’s the girl in the picture?

  • i wish i lived near you and could’ve joined in the fun! you are a superhero in that thing!

  • where is this place???

  • jeannine – it’s me, being a weirdo :)
    but i added a link now, (to more me, being more of a weirdo,) to avoid any further confusion!

    fashionmaven – (i feel silly calling you by your alias, now that i know your real name! he he!) i wish you could have too!!!

    ruby – in tucson! (my home…) tucson has some AMAZING thrifting.

  • I’ve just discovered your site and am oficially enthralled. Loving your work! It’s my new goal in life to have my blog worthy of a ‘painfully hip’ button.

    Adoration x

  • magstermash

    I actually live near Sac and I was so happy to discover this blog. You ladies seem to find great stuff. If this thrift store is in Sac, the name and/or location would be much appreciated: I’d love to be one of their clients.

    And to be honest, for someone who’s “fever-riddled and worn out on fun,” you look very energetic. I’m usually bed-ridden in those conditions. If you are too, I guess that says something new about those who are willing to live for fashion. ^_^

  • junebug

    yeah, unless you wear a blonde wig and change your face everyday, thats not you..

  • attending a thrift store’s grand opening is like winning wonka’s golden ticket in my opinion…i’m so jealous!!

  • Jeannine

    I totally confused myself. I thought you were Amber (duh). Okay, well, you look gorgeous. I couldn’t find the link, but thanks for responding to my comment!

  • Diana,
    You are MY superhero. For SERIOUS. This is the first moment I’ve been able to find decent wifi in what seems like weeks but is really more like 2 days.

  • magstermash – the wonderful amber is from Sac… i’m guest-posting ’cause she’s on TOUR right now (so jealous!!) i live in good old tucson az, which is where the thrift store opened. if you want to make the drive to tucson though, i’ll tell you where it is :)

    junebug – i’m diana… so yeah, that is me. amber is the hot-ass blonde.

    amber – i’m just doing my commander-mcthrifting duties! (xoxo)

  • Josefina M

    Actually, in swedish “ack” is a word. It means something like “woe is me”. So clearly not something you would see outside an outdated shakespeare translation, but still… It´s a word :)

  • josefina – that made me laugh! totally not how i meant the word :)

  • Mmmm, love the bag and shoes!

  • Love the cape, super cute.

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  • i love that cape! its amazing

  • so cute! i love thrift stores, so i can understand your excitement <3

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