dear diary,

day three in bed with the flu.  

i’ve exhausted all un-read options in my google reader many times over, and re-organized my collection of musthave jeffrey campbellbookmarks into the order i will acquire them in.  (i am now in the process of figuring out how that will happen.)

obviously, after those things have been done, the only thing left to do on the internet is obsessively hit the “refresh” button on the page i have devoted AT ALL TIMES and ONLY TO wardrobe_remix.  duh.

which is how i found yarn over movement.  (there are reasons to be ocd.)


see this?  this is exactly how one gracefully transitions from summer to early fall. cute mini skirt and tee combo?  check.  covetable jaunty cap and scarf? check.  slightly muted colors?  check.  i now see the error in the way i have been lurking around my apartment for the last three days in a mint green american apparel one-piece and my stretched out black beanie, in a fever-induced stupor.  

no, diana!  wrong!  

since i had plenty of time to lurk, i also discovered that this girl who has saved me from total fall-fashion self-humiliation also has a great blog and an etsy, (which she promises to re-open in the beginning of september,) where she sells hand-made goodies such as cowls, lace and cable berets, and cable fingerless gloves. 

i’m wondering if she takes special-requests for a mint-green combo of all three, to match my fall one-piece?