I’m on Tour!

Ok this isn’t really fashion-related, but I just thought I’d let you know to watch out, West Coast. I’m all up in your shit.

I’m in Seattle now, hitching a tourbus ride with Role Mach, Karaocake, and OK Vancouver OK. They played their first show of the tour last night (at a house venue called Dancylvania), ’twas the first one I’d ever seen, and I was so impressed with Role Mach that I insisted they let me join the band. They’re pretty unique and tough to describe (classical, lyrical freakfolk?), but if you like Devendra Banhart, The Boredoms, Nick Drake, Beat Happening, Beirut, or the Fiery Furnaces, you’ll love em. Karaocake and OK Vancouver OK are really amazing as well. Catch us here:

16 Aug 2008
the ould triange [with octothorpe, ok vancouver ok, karaocake] Seattle, Washington
17 Aug 2008
222 percival street nw [with lake, swimming, karaocake, ok vancouver ok] Olympia, Washington
18 Aug 2008
4522 n congress [with ok vancouver ok, karaocake, grandfather claus, swimming] Portland, Oregon
19 Aug 2008
shady pines [with ok vancouver ok and karaocake] Eugene, Oregon
20 Aug 2008
the greenhouse [with caleb nichols, karaocake, ok vancouver ok] Arcata, California
21 Aug 2008
house show [with ok vancouver ok, karaocake] Sacramento, California

I will be getting off the tourbus in Sacramento, but if you live in SoCal, Vegas, or Provo partake in the ear candy at these venues, for serious:

23 Aug 2008
the artshole [with watercolor paintings, ok vancouver ok, karaocake] Isla Vista/Santa Barbara, California
24 Aug 2008
che cafe [with endless bummer, karaocake, ok vancouver ok] San Diego, California
25 Aug 2008
fais do do [with the guppies, ok vancouver ok, karaocake] Los Angeles, California
26 Aug 2008
yayo taco [with ok vancouver ok, karaocake] Las Vegas, Nevada
27 Aug 2008
house show [with ok ikumi, ok vancouver ok, karaocake] Provo, Utah
30 Aug 2008
caterina winery [with karaocake, ok vancouver ok] Spokane, Washington
4 Sep 2008
the railway club [with karaocake, ok vancouver ok, azeda booth] Vancouver, British Columbia
11 Sep 2008
the biltmore [with old time relijun, shearing pinx] Vancouver, British Columbia
27 Sep 2008
cafe deux soleil [with greenbelt, wintermitts] Vancouver, British Columbia


email me at painfullyhip @ gmail.com if you need any addresses.