More Etsy Love: Jamie Noel Jewelry Contest!

More Etsy Love: Jamie Noel Jewelry Contest!

Lately the jewelry on Etsy has been dominated by that quaint woodland creatures and twigs aesthetic of the moment. Have you noticed? I do love its frolicky ways, but what I’d really love to see is a breath of feather and fur-free fresh air. Yawn.

Enter JamieNoel Jewelry. Stacey’s “interactive” jewelry featuring 1930′s carnival, circus and boardwalk aesthetics are waaaaay more titillating than titmice and chickadees. One pendant features a rocket that launches past a grinning moon, another boasts a be-bobbed bathing beauty who emerges from a boldly-striped changing cabana in her costume, there’s a fortune-teller which actually tells fortunes (allegedly), a puppet show with moving puppets, puzzles, games and circus animals. They are exquisitely-made and you will never be bored in your dentist’s waiting room again.

moonbathingfortunepuppetsmonkeycircus animalslion tamer

Eve is now the proud owner of this Amazing Zoltar Necklace which has a drawer of wish-granting cards just like the one on Big.


And I’m obsessed with my silver Acrobat Headband (my precious…). It’s an outfit-maker if I ever saw one!


So now Stacey of JamieNoel wants to award the Hippest of the Hip (meaning YOU) the chance to win one of her tantalizing Vintage Elevator Necklaces worth $90!

“First Floor Ladies Shoes, Second Floor Cosmetics!”

Remember back when ladies dressed ‘to the nines’ for a trip to the department store and elevators had operators? That was the inspiration for this Vintage Department Store Elevator Necklace with an elevator that really goes up and down.
Simply pull up on the decorative silver filigree knob and the elevator glides up to the top floor, revealing the vintage shoe department scene underneath. The adorable elevator operator is actually the Phillip Morris Bell Boy from old radio show commercials.
The back of this necklace features a vintage photo of Macy’s in New York.
Made from sterling silver solder and hand cut glass.”

To enter, just leave a comment on this post regarding the awesomosity of JamieNoel’s carnivalicious handiwork and we’ll randomly select a winner next week (8/20). Make sure you enter your email address (remains hidden from public) so we can contact you (but not spam you, in case you were wondering).

Good Luck!

146 comments to More Etsy Love: Jamie Noel Jewelry Contest!

  • Beth

    This is the jewelry I’ve been dreaming of and looking for – as a Coney Island devotee and Extreme Etsy Fan, I would LOVE an elevator necklace. In fact, I would never take it off.

  • Annabelle

    Wow, interactive necklaces are so cool! Plus vintage jewelery (or just vintage themed) always adds something nice to an outfit. I also really like the acrobat headband- it’s definitely in the mood of the Olympics!

  • Jen

    These are so beyond adorable.

  • Emily

    Wow. That jewelry is awesome. I LOVE pieces that are intriguing, and can generate conversations… I would wear the elevator necklace all the time! And talk to fabulous people about how wonderful it is!

  • Becca

    Oh my stars…these would be awesome even without the interactive bit. That just pushes them over the edge into little boxes of delightful oddities. Whimsical and artistic and delicate without being overly twee. I love them!

  • Emilie

    These are such cute, unique pieces!

  • I look for exotic pieces of jewelry and I must say this site is the best! I have very long hair so I fell in love with the Acrobat Headband. That would definately be the first piece I would have to have. The second would be the elevator necklace. This is so unique and fun I just fell in love with it. I really liked all the pieces to be honest and would love one of each~! What a great site you have introduced me to thank you very much.

  • I love the fortune teller jewelry especially since I do psychic readings. But I am hoping this is were I enter for a chance to win a piece of your very cool stuff!

  • Terri

    I love, love, love this jewlery! I is so hard to find cute one of a kind affordable stuff – and this is all of that and more!

    I remember going shopping with my grandmother. She always wore a suit and hose (what we call thigh highs) with garters! My mom still has a pair of “Granny’s” garters. They were nothing special just look like green pony holders! Ha Ha!

    Thanks for the opportunity to remember!



    Love, Love this awesome creative jewlery. My step-daughter is also in love with your jewlery. She is trying to make something close. We both would love to win!

  • Melody

    I love pieces that tell a story, and I can imagine all kinds of scenarios based on the images in this jewelry. Pieces like these are just the thing I need to express myself in a very original way, while being subtle enough to fit in in my office. I’d love to win!

  • Sheena

    Those necklaces are super-cute! I love the originality of the jewelry. It’s completely individual, which makes it worth so much more!

  • LOVE the circus-changing blocks necklace!
    *crossing fingers*

  • Jenneane

    Super cute necklace!!! I love all her jewelry! I hope I win!! ;) ps. I love this site too!

  • Taye

    Stacey’s pieces combine some of my absolute favourite things: vintage, elements of quirkiness and covert gadgetry. I can also admire her work instead of running off and joining the circus as I’d planned to (something tells me being able to…er ‘visualize’ acrobatics as opposed to performing them is not considered a circus worthy skill).

  • I love vintage jewlery, but I’ve never seen anything quite like JamieNoel’s pieces. How adorable!!!

  • catherine

    Oooh man they are all so nice. SO NICE. I wants to win. :P

  • Diane

    Perfect combination of classy kitsch and fashion technology, with a little bit of homemade love. I definitely want to play!

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  • Sarah E.

    Congrats Stacey on your well-deserved etsy success! I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll come up with next:)

  • :-) Just an FYI that I still haven’t received the necklace.

  • I just love that necklace, I actually have something similar to that and I’m interested to find the stylish men’s necklace.

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  • I just got the necklaces – lol. Story on my blog.
    .-= Eyeliah´s last blog ..Hang Me From the Heavens =-.

  • Those are simply awesome! They remind me a little of those old-fashioned handheld puzzle games. Great find!

  • Have to say, love your verbage. It’s great, too, to have such talented artists making such wonderful pieces. I sometimes daydream about being so creative. I should get on with it. I could be famous (after I die).

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  • Hey, that’s a pretty neat little necklace there! I like to see unique stuff out there, thanks for the post.

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  • Some of the best Jewelry Pieces I have ever seen in my Life. Cheers :)

  • Wow, didn’t realize you could get this on the web now, saved me a trip to the campus – Thanks! posts like this used on campus

  • Painfully Hip exactly one year ago and it just arrived!!! There was a little note from a girls mother

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  • Those necklaces are unique and cool!

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