More Etsy Love: Jamie Noel Jewelry Contest!

Lately the jewelry on Etsy has been dominated by that quaint woodland creatures and twigs aesthetic of the moment. Have you noticed? I do love its frolicky ways, but what I’d really love to see is a breath of feather and fur-free fresh air. Yawn.

Enter JamieNoel Jewelry. Stacey’s “interactive” jewelry featuring 1930’s carnival, circus and boardwalk aesthetics are waaaaay more titillating than titmice and chickadees. One pendant features a rocket that launches past a grinning moon, another boasts a be-bobbed bathing beauty who emerges from a boldly-striped changing cabana in her costume, there’s a fortune-teller which actually tells fortunes (allegedly), a puppet show with moving puppets, puzzles, games and circus animals. They are exquisitely-made and you will never be bored in your dentist’s waiting room again.

moonbathingfortunepuppetsmonkeycircus animalslion tamer

Eve is now the proud owner of this Amazing Zoltar Necklace which has a drawer of wish-granting cards just like the one on Big.


And I’m obsessed with my silver Acrobat Headband (my precious…). It’s an outfit-maker if I ever saw one!


So now Stacey of JamieNoel wants to award the Hippest of the Hip (meaning YOU) the chance to win one of her tantalizing Vintage Elevator Necklaces worth $90!

“First Floor Ladies Shoes, Second Floor Cosmetics!”

Remember back when ladies dressed ‘to the nines’ for a trip to the department store and elevators had operators? That was the inspiration for this Vintage Department Store Elevator Necklace with an elevator that really goes up and down.
Simply pull up on the decorative silver filigree knob and the elevator glides up to the top floor, revealing the vintage shoe department scene underneath. The adorable elevator operator is actually the Phillip Morris Bell Boy from old radio show commercials.
The back of this necklace features a vintage photo of Macy’s in New York.
Made from sterling silver solder and hand cut glass.”

To enter, just leave a comment on this post regarding the awesomosity of JamieNoel’s carnivalicious handiwork and we’ll randomly select a winner next week (8/20). Make sure you enter your email address (remains hidden from public) so we can contact you (but not spam you, in case you were wondering).

Good Luck!