Tales from the West Coast

Tales from the West Coast

Oh man. Going on a West Coast Tour with three amazing bands and pretending to be a musician was apparently my dream come true. Seriously. I learned the songs along the way and then wailed on that uke just like I knew what I was doing. And I met so many hip kids with false respect for my fake talent! I had been planning on getting more street style photos of locals, but unfortunately riding in a van with 9 peoples’ stuff covering up your stuff is not conducive to always having your camera with you. Luckily I was able to whip it out in Olympia where hipness was rampant.

A few random shots from the tour…







San Francisco (Giants game).

One of many highlights? I found a delightful thrift store in Cave Junction, Oregon where they were having a wondrous thing called a “Bag Sale…” Stuff a grocery bag with anything you want for TWO FUCKING DOLLARS (Um hi, Death? I can welcome you now). I kept everyone waiting in the van for me, but made up for it when I came back and handed out practically free presents like I was Santa Claus.

Diana!! Thanks so much for stylishly picking up my slack whilst I was endlessly searching for sub-par wifi on the road. You are the BEST.
And another huge thanks to all the kind-hearted hipsters who put all of us and our abundance up every night!

I’m on Tour!
When Life Attacks: Sometimes you’re not ready and sometimes you just think you aren’t.

5 comments to Tales from the West Coast

  • The church sales in new England have bag sales all the time. I will stuff anything it to a bag when its $2…Its a problem. I need help!

  • Sounds like so much fun!!
    That Portland picture is perfect in every way. :)
    Happy Travels!

  • Looks like you’re having a blast! My boyfriend is in a touring band (http://www.myspace.com/thirteenyardstovictory) but I have never gone on tour with them. They kind of have a “guys only” policy which is just as well because traveling in a van with 6 unshowered boys is not really my cup of tea ;)

    The bag sale sounds awesome! Last spring a vintage shop near me closed which was very sad for me BUT before they closed they had a HUGE clearance where you could buy a bag for $5 and fill it up! I got so much stuff! :)

    well, keep having a good time!

  • Marti

    We have a Bargain Barn in Santa Cruz which sells clothes $1 a pound!!! I have to alot myself a twice-a-year outing, I get so many amazing things!

  • i saw that show in eugene @ shady pines

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