Vintage Undies and a Water Fight

Some say that Sacra-lebrity and local DJ Shaun Slaughter is Sacramento’s party scene (he’s opening for !!! at Harlow’s on Aug 26). Well, a few weeks ago, he came up with this idea for a campy photoshoot with scene photographer, Nick Avey and his trusty digital SLR. He had found these amazing vintage tartan (are they wool?) mens knickers at a thrift store for a pant-worthy price so we just had to shoot them in front of some wood panelling. We decided to camp it up further with a chalice of High Life and the most douchey poses possible. Add one bottle of Jack, a case of High Life, a can of peaches (random) and not much convincing, et voila, there I am in my Michael Kors one-piece, thinking I’m the lesbian love child of all three Charlie’s Angels. Damn, you Jack Daniels. How did my life get so ridiculous?

Shaun Slaughter has a reputation round these parts, but he definitely has his charms… Both of which are on full display in gorgeous vintage tartan.

peach pour
crack up
water fight

All hail summertime in all its ridiculousness.