who gets sick in the summer?!?!

who gets sick in the summer?!?!

a cold? in august?
it doesn’t even make sense.
but it has given me plenty of time to scour the inter-web for more summer inspiration. (because yes, in the southwest, there’s still plenty more to come.)

i found this fantastic site, and i have to say, if you don’t have four or five hours to spend looking at awesome things right now, don’t click on the link. seriously.

to make it a little harder for you to say no though, i’ll share a couple (and by “couple,” i really do mean just a few of the hundreds of my favorites.

sometimes i look at pictures of goldie hawn, and i think, “how could anyone be that perfect?”

really, i mean, everything about this picture is amazing.  the hair.  the dress.  (that DRESS!!)  those shoes…  and that pose.  yeah.  i’ve been dreaming of the perfect ruffled summer dress, and i think goldie has been hoarding it.  not cool goldie.  not cool.




i’m coveting sharon tate’s mini dress is so intensely.  even if i would be terrified to wear it anywhere past my back porch.  but at least i’d be the best dressed girl on that porch.



marisa mell, is that a onesie you’re wearing?  may i borrow it?  may i borrow your boots as well?  and while were at it, can i watch danger: diabolik while i’m wearing your outfit?  and will you not judge me?


and my absolute favorite?  i saved it for last… 



nadia cassini.  looking fantastic.  while getting the stank-eye from ms. cranky-pants in the background.  this picture alone is almost good enough to cure my cold. 

12 comments to who gets sick in the summer?!?!

  • Skylar :]

    Ooh, that last one was giving me a little fashion-gasm, that was, until I saw musses stank-eye.
    What a gorgeous coat and haaaaaat.

    I don’t have 4 hours, but for god’s sake, this is 60′s fashion we’re talking about here.
    I’m clicking.


  • yeah, that last photo is going to live with me in my heart for a long, long time.
    thanks for sharing!

  • wow!!this site is awesome!! i like your choice too!!

  • This site is amazing!!! How ever did you stumble on to this? I’m not happy that youre sick but imagine would you have found this if you weren’t? Feel better!

  • Two things…

    1. good gawd! That site is addicting.
    Wow – I could go crosseyed!
    Thanks for turning everyone onto it ;)

    2. I always get a cold in the summer! I think it
    is because everyone is blasting their AC
    and most airducts don’t get cleaned out all that often.
    It’s a theory.
    It’s either that or this is just a really cruel and unfair world.
    You tell me.
    Get well soon!

  • tacopop

    who gets sick in the summer? boys that can’t resist kissing cute girls with sore throats. ;o)

  • tacopop – but i’m not a boy!!
    (and i haven’t been kissing any lately either, sadly.)

    i think i mine comes from drunkenly eating nachos like a dirty-fingered chimpanzee… it sounds like yours was the result of much more fun!

  • I got strep last month. It sucked hard. But the fever gave me interesting blog material!

  • Liv

    oh god those boots in that last picture. i think i just had a stroke.

  • CD

    Omgosh I completely fell in love with that website. I live for the fashion of the 70ssss. Great post! Don’t be a stranger.


  • what a nice girl.. beautiful…

  • Natalie Silva

    It’s true about Goldie Hawn. What a natural beauty. In Brazil I get sick in the summer because it is so moist out there. Eeveryone gets sick, and because it is tropical we get more sick than normal. If an American gets the same strep watch out, it could be surgery time.


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