Month: September 2008

check me out: dressed for Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfest in Frankenmuth, Michigan (aka Funtown, USA) was completely outta pocket! I had bought this beautifully made vintage bustier drindl with flourescent pink flowers of love from my friend Jen’s amazing store, Thunderhorse Vintage (17th & L in back of Bows & Arrows, Sacramento) for the occasion, but I was pretty sure the corseting wasn’t going to allow me more than a couple of Hof Braus. Not only did it last me through innumerable beers, it also held out through 2 brauts with extra kraut, a bavarian pretzel draped in dijon, table-top polka dancing with my good friend Andrea, a nap on the river bank, and all kinds of photo-op antics.

Look at these lovely vintage filigree bird earrings and the silly little ruffles!! Heaven.

pouring beer
dancing on tables
loungingleiderhosenhay bails
pink floral vintage bustier dress – $30 at Thunderhorse Vintage, Sacramento
black cut-out ballet flats – $10 at Marshall’s
black bird filigree earrings – $10 at Bows & Arrows Vintage, Sacramento

Man, I’m having a hard time trying to think of another non-Bavaria-centric occasion I could wear this to. Can you?

thrift star of the day: quintessentially autumnal

fall outfit
originally uploaded by iidaelina for wardrobe_remix

So far nothing has been able to get me excited about fall weather until now. Suddenly I’m craving tapestry, tights, and mismatched leather like nobody’s business. This outfit is as rich as an overly custardy tiramisu.

thrift star of the day: urban tribal warrior princess

originally uploaded by missemma.peel for wardrobe_remix

etsy enthusiast, reconstructionist described missemmapeel’s outfit, with her layered tops and belt as headband, as very “urban tribal warrior princess.” i think she just looks incorrigibly hip, to the point where if she got any hipper every dive bar in the US would name a drink after her.

thrift star of the day: plaid shirt as minidress

originally uploaded by rebecca was a recluse for wardrobe_remix

This can’t possibly be as simple as it looks, can it? I’m pretty sure some alterations would have to be done to make an oversized shirt fit so well in the shoulders… this plaid consists of the most divine color-combination I’ve seen in a fortnight. Or 12.

Forkably Hip!

So I’m in Chicago and two of my best friends in the whole world are putting me up (putting up with me?) for a whole month. So Andrea, of the mouth-watering Forkable Blog, is going to collaborate with me on an fashionably forkable event for highly-hip Midwesterners. Forkable really is sort of the food-centric version of Painfully Hip in that it’s all about creating captivating concoctions on the cheap. Oh man, you have no idea what you’re in for with Andrea’s droolicious cooking.

If you’re in Chicago and you’re painfully hip, you best be up in there! Any excuse to don your favorite cocktail dress, right?

forkably hip
(click for more info)

RSVP or request more info here!

thrift star of the day: mixing decades

originally uploaded by ameliafound for wardrobe_remix

I’m such a sucker for the obvious mixing of decade styles. This 40s ruffled top marries these 70s vintage denim jeans forever and ever amen. It may be an odd match, but I have no objections and no peace to hold forever. I am in full favor of consummation.

A couple months ago I wrote this post about my new life plan for the next few months, or at least what exists of it. But to summarize, it’s to travel my little ass off. Last month I travelled down the west coast with a couple of amazing bands and on Thursday I cashed in my one way ticket to Chicago to hang out with some good friends for a while and see where the wind decides to take me from here.

So anyway, this weekend I took a roadtrip to Frankenmuth, Michigan (of all places) for Oktoberfest and apparently Michigonians have yet to learn of this thing we call “wifi.” Our expensive hotel had a full indoor waterpark but no internet abilities. Seriously, WTF? We had an amazing time, but I apologize for the lack of posts this week. I promise that big things are afoot for Painfully Hip, including a Chicago event called Forkably Hip; A Night of Fashion and Food! More on this tomorrow.

hip hunting: !!! at Harlow’s

OK, this happened like 3 weeks ago, but whatevs, the fashions remain fresh as ziplocked leftovers. !!! were amazing. ‘Twas a great and sweaty show.

BTW, can someone recommend a good, cheap camera? The photo quality makes it look like my camera was manufactured out of cardboard and tin foil by a 6 year old. Sorry ’bout that.
(click to zoom)


This is my friend, the lovely Jamaica Cole. She is the designer of overtly opulent Sapphire Cordial. Check out a gorgeous News & Review article here and her recent werewolf-inspired fashion show here.

thrift star of the day: colorblind grampa chic

mixed plaids

There’s nothing more satisfying than pulling it out of one’s ass and making an outfit work with 3 very different plaids. Totally nailed it.

thrift star of the day: tombird

originally uploaded by rockandrolllovesyou for wardrobe_remix.

I adore this bird-themed tomboy outfit, but answer me one question: What do I need to do to get rockandrolllovesyou‘s amazing denim-finding karma?? Sell my soul to the ghost of Levi Strauss? Is that all?

check me out: in saccharine eyelet

I adore this dress and all its feminine wiles, but I again had the irresistible urge to ugly it up a little…

eyelet dress cap sleeves

… by wearing shoes made out of rubber bands.
elastic shoes

eyelet babydoll – $15.20 (!!) with discount code HIP20 at
elastic belt – came with another dress
elastic booties (seriously, my feet look like stretchy hooves from hell! they’re in a hideous prison of elastic! God, I LOVE these!) – $4 at a flea market in some nearby Godforsaken Town

photos by Nick Avey