hip hunting: !!! at Harlow’s

hip hunting: !!! at Harlow’s

OK, this happened like 3 weeks ago, but whatevs, the fashions remain fresh as ziplocked leftovers. !!! were amazing. ‘Twas a great and sweaty show.

BTW, can someone recommend a good, cheap camera? The photo quality makes it look like my camera was manufactured out of cardboard and tin foil by a 6 year old. Sorry ’bout that.
(click to zoom)


This is my friend, the lovely Jamaica Cole. She is the designer of overtly opulent Sapphire Cordial. Check out a gorgeous News & Review article here and her recent werewolf-inspired fashion show here.

4 comments to hip hunting: !!! at Harlow’s

  • Canon and Konica Minolta are both very reliable brands with a variety of styles and broad price ranges. Both of my Konica Minoltas are light weight and the battery for my digital lasts forever and ever. Hope that helps!

  • Who is the girl in the second picture, with the short hair & fuchsia shirt? I love her style & her haircut!

  • That’s my good friend Jillian. She’s so cute, its inuhuman. She works at an amazing vintage shop in trade for free clothes and has the best taste ever so she pretty much looks that adorable all the time.
    Her haircut is actually edgy and asymmetrical and amazing (her 21 y/o friend cuts it), but in this photo she has it tied back in a little pigtail.

  • To Amber: She is adorable! :] I love her style.

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