thrift star of the day: mixing decades

originally uploaded by ameliafound for wardrobe_remix

I’m such a sucker for the obvious mixing of decade styles. This 40s ruffled top marries these 70s vintage denim jeans forever and ever amen. It may be an odd match, but I have no objections and no peace to hold forever. I am in full favor of consummation.

A couple months ago I wrote this post about my new life plan for the next few months, or at least what exists of it. But to summarize, it’s to travel my little ass off. Last month I travelled down the west coast with a couple of amazing bands and on Thursday I cashed in my one way ticket to Chicago to hang out with some good friends for a while and see where the wind decides to take me from here.

So anyway, this weekend I took a roadtrip to Frankenmuth, Michigan (of all places) for Oktoberfest and apparently Michigonians have yet to learn of this thing we call “wifi.” Our expensive hotel had a full indoor waterpark but no internet abilities. Seriously, WTF? We had an amazing time, but I apologize for the lack of posts this week. I promise that big things are afoot for Painfully Hip, including a Chicago event called Forkably Hip; A Night of Fashion and Food! More on this tomorrow.