thrift star of the day: urban tribal warrior princess

thrift star of the day: urban tribal warrior princess

originally uploaded by missemma.peel for wardrobe_remix

etsy enthusiast, reconstructionist described missemmapeel’s outfit, with her layered tops and belt as headband, as very “urban tribal warrior princess.” i think she just looks incorrigibly hip, to the point where if she got any hipper every dive bar in the US would name a drink after her.

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  • Remember Punky Brewster’s hip friend (the one who wasn’t Margo) who wore belts as headbands as well? I always loved that look as a kid, but wasn’t brave enough to work it in public. I applaud this girl’s moxie.

  • i completely agree with caroline. this girl would definitely not feel out of place in williamsburg [brooklyn]! i love her overall aesthetic, though it’s much too colorful for my taste. she rocks it.

    as an aside, i can’t help but wonder if she can see through her shaggy bangs!

  • Thank you for the post ladies, I have mentioned, and quoted you on my blog. I do hope you don’t mind.

    And Sara, the answer is, no I could not see a thing. Thankfully, I have since cut it.

  • Also, coincidentally, I live in a similarly run down apartment block to Punky, and indeed would love to one day move to Williamsburg. A shame I’m so predictable.

  • It looks more to me like a 2000′s version of Cyndi Lauper from Girls just Wanna Have Fun! :) Lynd

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