Month: October 2008

check me out: sacramento’s next top model

I had an awesome time at the photoshoot for my Sacramento Magazine interview because the photographers, a young, keen couple who called themselves Tyler and Christina (coincidentally also the name of their photography company) were really excited and passionate about their work. And on top of it, treated me like a bona fide model. I was totally ready to hear Tyra call my name FIRST. (Hmmmm….I think maybe I’ll try out next season! To do list: Grow 3-4 inches taller, become 8 years younger and stop eating… uh… food for a month.)

Tyler and Christina were nice enough to send me the non-copyrighted images from the shoot. More to come in approximately 90 days. I know you’re all feverishly counting the minutes.

floral pussybow blouse – Bows & Arrows
vintage denim shorts – Thunderhorse Vintage
tasseled leather loafers – Thunderhorse Vintage
gold leaf belt – thrifted for like 10 cents

purple peacock dress – Cuffs Urban Apparel
vintage woven leather peeptoes – Cuffs Urban Apparel

white eyelet dress –
tooled leather corset belt – Foxhunt Vintage
badger necklace – borrowed from Eve who bought it on Etsy

Photographs by Tyler & Christina Mussetter
Makeup by Christina Mussetter
Hair by Nicole Kniss

the most painfully hip site of the week: the glamourai

Seldom do I come across a blog which I am convinced is fated to be The Next Big Thing. Enter The Glamourai, a painfully talented stylist and jewelry designer who has been touted as The Sartorialist’s Muse, no less!


Perpetually waist-deep in inspiration from fashion shows, streetstyle blogs and fashionable friends, I sometimes find it harrowing to attempt true originality whilst getting dressed. That’s why this week’s choice is SERIOUSLY KICKING MY ASS. How can a girl in the core of The Big Apple, backstage at Galliano, traipsing around the Hamptons and Paris, runway show to photoshoot, rubbing elbows with Karl, basically DROWNING in inspiration, still manage to appear thoroughly inventive, yet simultaneously classic??

harem pants sequinedstriped skirtberet

Perhaps it’s because of her proclivity toward mixing genres in her outfits (or “costumes,” as both she and Edie Beale would put it) – vintage with modern, designer with high street, sequins with cableknit, handmade jewelry with tailor-chopped yard sale finds, fur with flannel, the avant-garde with the elegant… It is truly dizzying. She is ballsy at “excessorizing,” feathered hats, oversized baubles, tangled chains, but rarely letting the shoes be the be all, end all crown jewel of the outfit, an often easy “out” for the more peripherally clad.

To boot, she is a prolific blogger with a charming (read: unpretentious) voice, an amazing DIYer, boasts gams to die for, the face of a model and a Kate Lanphearean haircut we all wish we could pull off.

To quote the incorrigible Rachel Zoe:
I die.

For all these reasons and more, I humbly award The Glamourai top honors in the form of a badge featuring the peerless Isabella Blow. No less! Because like Izzy, The Glamourai believes that life was meant to be “extravagantly embellished” and that everyday is an “occasion for serious dress-up” to persistently give voice to one’s flair for the extraordinary.


I couldn’t agree more.

thrift star of the day: quelle luxe!

velvet and chiffon
originally uploaded by hannahkristinametz for wardrobe_remix

If I ever found this brown velvet vintage mini-dress with chiffon sleeves, I might consider becoming religious. Because, really, what else would be left to live for? But then there’s the aubergine tights, perfect pointy spectators and lovely 60’s turban! I’d seriously like to know what God of Thrift she prays to.

a potpourri of silly fashion etcetera

Last night I was lucky enough to get guest-listed (thanks Sam Hunt!) for the sold out Lykke Li show at The Empty Bottle, which conveniently happens to be all of 1 block from where I’m staying.

It was a stimulating show and Lykke Li was excessively smart in a voluminous black linen caftan, which for most of the show, I assumed was floor-length because of the 7 deep breadth of dismayingly fixed hipsters obscuring my view. I communicated my frustrating curiosity as to the style of her shoes to my friend Meg when, as if sensing my laser eyes, Lykke Li randomly lifted her ankle high in her hand revealing that the caftan was indeed a tunic worn with black leggings and fairly innocuous wedged ankle boots. And of course her signature tangle of chunky gold chains. I approved.

Lykke Li

In the spirit of total randomness, here is the most self-indulgent bit of mid 80’s cockamamy from some thoroughly vacuous narcissistic daytime TV star who, after systematically documenting the contents of her closet (overusing the word “fashion” as if it was going out of style), apparently thinks we’re on the edge of our fucking seats to find out that she wears both orange rouge and powder blush simultaneously. But only sometimes. “Fashion is something that is acquired by looking at a lot of different fashions.”

(via the cheeky knitting blog knitters = angry mob, who apparently did not share my penchant for knitted skinny pants).

Some Hip Links for Vous:

    Trend de la Crème has hilarious suggestions for Sarah Palin on how to NOT spend $150,000 (no joke) on her campaigning wardrobe.

    Don’t miss the epic finalists for Daddy Likey’s Halloween Costume Story Contest!

    I’m absolutely dying over this midcentury Kent-Coffey dresser that Katherine at BackGarage scored for $50.

    Possibly one of the greatest inventions of the 21st Century. Bloglovin. It’s like Tivo for the internet!

Ok, it’s lecture time.
Darlings, I’m disappointed in you.
For one, I thought I taught you guys that free shit? Is the BEST shit.
B) I have $750 worth of free shit to give away to 3 Lucky girls.
Finally, as of this moment I only have TWO contest entries. WHAT GIVES?
PUT ON YOUR JEANS AND POSSIBLY (at this point very likely) GET $250 worth of FREE SHIT SHIPPED TO YOUR DOOR.

Thank you.

Slip on your hottest jeans and get Lucky

Everybody loves contest time!

Do you ever wear jeans? Or maybe go out on the town? Do you ever do those two things simultaneously?
Then you TOTALLY QUALIFY to enter to win.
Win what, you ask? Oh nothing… just the chance to be featured in Lucky effing Magazine AND maybe even style a photoshoot for Lucky Brand Jeans!

I know, RIGHT?

If that prize isn’t good enough for you, Ms. Fancypants, then the deal’s about to get sweeter. Take your insulin shots now, because if you enter the contest at Lucky Style Spotter and then paste the URL of your entry into the comments of this post, voila, you are also entered to win this lavish cornucopia of goodies worth $250!
Click to zoom.

Holy hell, are those TIC TACS??

TAKE NOTE: This part of the contest is only for the legion of the Painfully Hip (US residents only), and after we vote on Tuesday November 4th, we’re going to feel empowered enough to choose the 3 best outfits! Each one will win $250 worth of awesome, so your chances to win are seriously colossal.

To Enter:

    1. Sign up for Lucky Style Spotter.
    2. While there, upload a photo of your sweet self wearing a pair of jeans styled for a night out.
    3. Paste the URL of your entry into the comments of this post.

Easy Peasy.

Remember, you must paste the URL of your Lucky Style Spotter “My Denim Transformation” contest entry into the comments of this post to be entered to win the gift bag from Painfully Hip!

So hurry up and show us yer denim. Make us proud. Blow those previous entrants out of the proverbial water. They wouldn’t know hip if they broke one. Oh wait, I’m totally one of those entrants (you expect me to pass this up??). I take it back.

Good Lucky to you.

Winners will be announced on Election Day Tuesday, November 4th 2008!

EDIT: Ok, its been 24 hours and only two entries?? We have THREE PRIZES to give away. C’mon guys, I know you have a photo of yourself wearing some futhermucking jeans! Git ‘er dun.

Lucky Brand Jeans

Cosby Sweater Couture

Coziness is at the top of my list of favorite moods. I flee from soggy, cold climates like the plague. I’m a spooning aficionado. So sweaters are essential to me. However, I’ve never experienced the sensation of being dressed arms to ankles in knitwear. After seeing this collection by Marie-Louise Vogt via Fashion156 on a chilly Chicago day, that’s ALL I want to do.

knitwearknit poncho pantsponchoheadband knitknit pantsbicycle shortscutoutssweater dress
You can purchase all this beauty for a very shiny penny (240,00€ – 380,00€) at Style Server.

Not that those cut-out vests would be entirely cozy, but still, I’m absolutely hankering for those skinny pants and cocktail dresses! That poncho could easily become a staple (the bicycle shorts, maybe notsomuch). Do you think I would be completely and utterly remiss to attempt to sew scraps of vintage uglysweaters together to devise patchwork wonders like these? I don’t know, but as soon as I get back to my beloved sewing machine, I’m going to busy myself with such janky-ass futzing, PRONTO.

thrift star of the day: awesome all day

I’ve been wanting to include more random streetstyle photos on this blog, but the problem is that I get incredibly shy about approaching people with my camera, especially intimidatingly stylish people. But one of my best friends in the world, Rory of (seriously kids, check it out. Especially if you enjoy things that involve NO SHAME. A very good read.), makes perhaps the best streetstyle liaison one could hope for – he’s likeable, fashionable, and willing to approach almost anyone and be their friend. Except for, perhaps, a rabid grizzly bear. The band though, no problem. In fact, he’s probably already done shots of Jameson with them.

Anyway, here are some photos he took of his adorable friend Adam as he was sighted on the streets of San Francisco. The actual streets, not the show.

shirt- thrifted
jacket – thrifted
boots – thrifted
jeans – diesel
Everything that was thrifted was thrifted in Portland.
All. Hail. Portland.

a galaxy of thrift stars today: is there something in the stars?

Double Yoo Tee Eff?!?!
Wardrobe_remix, although always inspiring, has been a tad scant in mind-blowingness lately… not to dis the latest picks (who are all amazing), after all, there is a possibility I’m just becoming jaded (can this sentence GET any more convoluted?? How bout another “…” and I’ll throw in an “anyway?” for good measure)… So ANYWAY (perhaps this’ll go in Guinness? I’m just going to go ahead and SLAUGHTER ALL PUNCTUATION RULES), I was going through wardrobe_remix today for my fix when, holy guacamole, no thrift star left behind, its time for an epic post.

Galaxy, whatever you’re up to up there? Keep. it. up.

lil orphan annie
Step 1: Retrieve jaw from floor.
Step 2: Remember why you watched “Annie” in the theatre six times.
Step 3: CHECK OUT HER BLOG: Fashion Forestry

sequined skirt
Mega-cute! Ultra-hip! I simultaneously want to call her “Punkin” and buy her a shot of whiskey.

red squares
This geometri-splosion of a dress was self-made out of Ikea fabric. Take THAT, mass produced swedish goods!

mixed plaids
I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a swell execution of the “hipster pin-up” look. Rrrrrowr.

mountain elf
Verhext, the elfin model of the mountain, fresh off her hewn redwood log runway, heads directly to her balsa wood pinhole camera photoshoot. After that she’ll be a little late to a meeting with her yodeling agency.

blue dress and trench
The look on Rebecca’s face is priceless. She’s drunk on pure trench perfection, excessive dimples and sunshine abuse.

This photo is perfection. Whiteapple (blog!) bought this sweater and kilt on the same day. Don’t you love it when you look in your thrift store bag and just go, “Hm, how ’bout I just wear these together?” Try it sometime.

blue and yellow
Oh sweet thing! I’m just going to spew some adjectives here if you don’t mind. Honeyed, darling, precious, twinkly, gleaming, dimpled, winsome, twee (-but not too).

oversized cardi
I want, nay, NEED this cardi.

oversized cardigan
Of course, this’un’ll do as well. Take THAT, punctuation rules. And fashion rules too, while I’m at it. I’m on a mutinous rampage on rules in general. Later today we’re sneaking round flasks into an NHL game in our bras.

thrift star of the day: dumpster love

vintage butterfly hairclip
originally uploaded by wihelminasunshineupton for wardrobe_remix

A large portion of this outfit was accrued from trash piles and recycling centers. NICE. Some people don’t look this cute after being styled by Rachel effing Zoe for $6,000. Seriously.

check me out: all glossed up

Sacramento Magazine were nice enough to interview and shoot me for their Up Front Personal Style feature in November’s “Best Of” issue! Thanks so much, Sacramento Magazine!

Sacramento Magazine Painfully Hip Interview
(click for legible closeup)

Written by Dayna Dunteman
Photograph by Tyler & Christina Mussetter (SO awesome to work with!)
Hair by Nicole Kniss (Thank you, Nicole!!)
Makeup by Christina Mussetter
Top from Thunderhorse Vintage
Jeans and pumps from Bows & Arrows Vintage
Scan by Josh Neely

Because of my need to be more mobile, I had recently lightened my closet by more than half and I was desperately low on wardrobe choices for this shoot. So I reached out to my favorite local boutiques. Thanks to Olivia, Trisha, Jen and Lacadia (Cuffs) for the beautiful clothes they let me borrow (although I ended up purchasing these vintage jeans -$10!- and now I live in them)!
The magazine (of course) somehow just happened to pick probably my least favorite outfit of the 5 or 6 that were shot, but I’m definitely in no place to complain, I’m stoked. I mean, I did style the whole thing.

So by the by, I am totally loving (like, I want to make out with…) Chicago, but with the economic shambles the country is in, nevermind the rising airfares, I’m having a real tough time trying to save any money for my globe-trotting journey. New sponsors and clients are sparse. Rather depressing, I sure did a bang-up job of picking a time to attempt this. What a slump. So. In a few weeks it’s back to California I go before the weather here turns morbidly awful (so I hear). Perhaps a jaunt to Milwaukee, a flight to San Diego and LA, and then to lovely Sacramento for a little bit to gear up again. Copenhagen is a surety, just not exact on times. I also want to hit New Zealand, Spain, Thailand and Peru.
Wish me luck, I’m gonna need it.