a galaxy of thrift stars today: is there something in the stars?

Double Yoo Tee Eff?!?!
Wardrobe_remix, although always inspiring, has been a tad scant in mind-blowingness lately… not to dis the latest picks (who are all amazing), after all, there is a possibility I’m just becoming jaded (can this sentence GET any more convoluted?? How bout another “…” and I’ll throw in an “anyway?” for good measure)… So ANYWAY (perhaps this’ll go in Guinness? I’m just going to go ahead and SLAUGHTER ALL PUNCTUATION RULES), I was going through wardrobe_remix today for my fix when, holy guacamole, no thrift star left behind, its time for an epic post.

Galaxy, whatever you’re up to up there? Keep. it. up.

lil orphan annie
Step 1: Retrieve jaw from floor.
Step 2: Remember why you watched “Annie” in the theatre six times.
Step 3: CHECK OUT HER BLOG: Fashion Forestry

sequined skirt
Mega-cute! Ultra-hip! I simultaneously want to call her “Punkin” and buy her a shot of whiskey.

red squares
This geometri-splosion of a dress was self-made out of Ikea fabric. Take THAT, mass produced swedish goods!

mixed plaids
I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a swell execution of the “hipster pin-up” look. Rrrrrowr.

mountain elf
Verhext, the elfin model of the mountain, fresh off her hewn redwood log runway, heads directly to her balsa wood pinhole camera photoshoot. After that she’ll be a little late to a meeting with her yodeling agency.

blue dress and trench
The look on Rebecca’s face is priceless. She’s drunk on pure trench perfection, excessive dimples and sunshine abuse.

This photo is perfection. Whiteapple (blog!) bought this sweater and kilt on the same day. Don’t you love it when you look in your thrift store bag and just go, “Hm, how ’bout I just wear these together?” Try it sometime.

blue and yellow
Oh sweet thing! I’m just going to spew some adjectives here if you don’t mind. Honeyed, darling, precious, twinkly, gleaming, dimpled, winsome, twee (-but not too).

oversized cardi
I want, nay, NEED this cardi.

oversized cardigan
Of course, this’un’ll do as well. Take THAT, punctuation rules. And fashion rules too, while I’m at it. I’m on a mutinous rampage on rules in general. Later today we’re sneaking round flasks into an NHL game in our bras.