check me out: all glossed up

check me out: all glossed up

Sacramento Magazine were nice enough to interview and shoot me for their Up Front Personal Style feature in November’s “Best Of” issue! Thanks so much, Sacramento Magazine!

Sacramento Magazine Painfully Hip Interview
(click for legible closeup)

Written by Dayna Dunteman
Photograph by Tyler & Christina Mussetter (SO awesome to work with!)
Hair by Nicole Kniss (Thank you, Nicole!!)
Makeup by Christina Mussetter
Top from Thunderhorse Vintage
Jeans and pumps from Bows & Arrows Vintage
Scan by Josh Neely

Because of my need to be more mobile, I had recently lightened my closet by more than half and I was desperately low on wardrobe choices for this shoot. So I reached out to my favorite local boutiques. Thanks to Olivia, Trisha, Jen and Lacadia (Cuffs) for the beautiful clothes they let me borrow (although I ended up purchasing these vintage jeans -$10!- and now I live in them)!
The magazine (of course) somehow just happened to pick probably my least favorite outfit of the 5 or 6 that were shot, but I’m definitely in no place to complain, I’m stoked. I mean, I did style the whole thing.

So by the by, I am totally loving (like, I want to make out with…) Chicago, but with the economic shambles the country is in, nevermind the rising airfares, I’m having a real tough time trying to save any money for my globe-trotting journey. New sponsors and clients are sparse. Rather depressing, I sure did a bang-up job of picking a time to attempt this. What a slump. So. In a few weeks it’s back to California I go before the weather here turns morbidly awful (so I hear). Perhaps a jaunt to Milwaukee, a flight to San Diego and LA, and then to lovely Sacramento for a little bit to gear up again. Copenhagen is a surety, just not exact on times. I also want to hit New Zealand, Spain, Thailand and Peru.
Wish me luck, I’m gonna need it.

18 comments to check me out: all glossed up

  • Cool, love the interview :)

  • Mai

    CONGRATS Amber! You look great in that picture!!

  • Lil' Higgs

    H-O-T! Looking good little missy!
    p.s. I’m on the New Zealand train.

  • Lovely pumps, comgratulations on your interview!

  • Hottie! and 31, that’s awesome (my demographic) :-)

  • Mel

    I am also 31 and it is cool to see other girls my age sharing the same philosophy. I discovered your blog less than two months ago and I am a regular ever since. Thought I was dreaming when I accidentally clicked this link and found a whole lot of ideas that have been in my head for years but couldn’t quite execute. Thanks for making things clear for me!
    BTW, your look for that magazine is cool, sharp, simple yet edgy… Perfection!

  • Girl the outfit is bangin’! (Nice to see that Sac Mag took some time away from telling me which plastic surgeon is best and which housing development I should live in).

  • Madeline

    You look stunning! Congrats, you deserve it!

  • Thanks very much, you lady loves!

    I had a blast at the shoot and because it’s the “Best Of” issue, we’ll be getting some much needed publicity. Apparently the magazine has almost 60,000 subscribers!

    Huge honor.

    I should be getting some more shots from the photographers of the other outfits for a future post.

  • Congrats on the feature! You look fab!

  • Wow – good article. :-) You were the one who did inspire me to plan a clothing swap. I have to disagree about ‘pulling it off’ though as I find some silhouettes just don’t work on my body shape while others are fabulous.

  • Hailey!
    Thanks very much! While its true that there are some shapes and cuts that are distinctly more flattering on some body types than others, I am a firm believer that even if an outfit isn’t technically the best shape for you, that if you absolutely love it and feel lovely in it, you can seriously pull off the unlikeliest of get-ups.

    After all, where would we be without MIA and Leslie Hall rocking “ugly” and making it fierce?!

  • alicia

    best looking zombie I’VE ever seen.

    giraffe making methodology is still a mystery to me. but i found a california raisin getup today at t town… it’ll do. see you soonish?!

  • The jeans fit you PERFECTLY. You look great, congrats!

  • joy

    YES! I love that Booth’s body scrub too!!

  • Занимательная и интересная статья у вас. В отличие от большинства остальных подобных минимум воды! :)

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