check me out: sacramento’s next top model

check me out: sacramento’s next top model

I had an awesome time at the photoshoot for my Sacramento Magazine interview because the photographers, a young, keen couple who called themselves Tyler and Christina (coincidentally also the name of their photography company) were really excited and passionate about their work. And on top of it, treated me like a bona fide model. I was totally ready to hear Tyra call my name FIRST. (Hmmmm….I think maybe I’ll try out next season! To do list: Grow 3-4 inches taller, become 8 years younger and stop eating… uh… food for a month.)

Tyler and Christina were nice enough to send me the non-copyrighted images from the shoot. More to come in approximately 90 days. I know you’re all feverishly counting the minutes.

floral pussybow blouse – Bows & Arrows
vintage denim shorts – Thunderhorse Vintage
tasseled leather loafers – Thunderhorse Vintage
gold leaf belt – thrifted for like 10 cents

purple peacock dress – Cuffs Urban Apparel
vintage woven leather peeptoes – Cuffs Urban Apparel

white eyelet dress –
tooled leather corset belt – Foxhunt Vintage
badger necklace – borrowed from Eve who bought it on Etsy

Photographs by Tyler & Christina Mussetter
Makeup by Christina Mussetter
Hair by Nicole Kniss

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