Cosby Sweater Couture

Cosby Sweater Couture

Coziness is at the top of my list of favorite moods. I flee from soggy, cold climates like the plague. I’m a spooning aficionado. So sweaters are essential to me. However, I’ve never experienced the sensation of being dressed arms to ankles in knitwear. After seeing this collection by Marie-Louise Vogt via Fashion156 on a chilly Chicago day, that’s ALL I want to do.

knitwearknit poncho pantsponchoheadband knitknit pantsbicycle shortscutoutssweater dress
You can purchase all this beauty for a very shiny penny (240,00€ – 380,00€) at Style Server.

Not that those cut-out vests would be entirely cozy, but still, I’m absolutely hankering for those skinny pants and cocktail dresses! That poncho could easily become a staple (the bicycle shorts, maybe notsomuch). Do you think I would be completely and utterly remiss to attempt to sew scraps of vintage uglysweaters together to devise patchwork wonders like these? I don’t know, but as soon as I get back to my beloved sewing machine, I’m going to busy myself with such janky-ass futzing, PRONTO.

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