the most painfully hip site of the week: the glamourai

the most painfully hip site of the week: the glamourai

Seldom do I come across a blog which I am convinced is fated to be The Next Big Thing. Enter The Glamourai, a painfully talented stylist and jewelry designer who has been touted as The Sartorialist’s Muse, no less!


Perpetually waist-deep in inspiration from fashion shows, streetstyle blogs and fashionable friends, I sometimes find it harrowing to attempt true originality whilst getting dressed. That’s why this week’s choice is SERIOUSLY KICKING MY ASS. How can a girl in the core of The Big Apple, backstage at Galliano, traipsing around the Hamptons and Paris, runway show to photoshoot, rubbing elbows with Karl, basically DROWNING in inspiration, still manage to appear thoroughly inventive, yet simultaneously classic??

harem pants sequinedstriped skirtberet

Perhaps it’s because of her proclivity toward mixing genres in her outfits (or “costumes,” as both she and Edie Beale would put it) – vintage with modern, designer with high street, sequins with cableknit, handmade jewelry with tailor-chopped yard sale finds, fur with flannel, the avant-garde with the elegant… It is truly dizzying. She is ballsy at “excessorizing,” feathered hats, oversized baubles, tangled chains, but rarely letting the shoes be the be all, end all crown jewel of the outfit, an often easy “out” for the more peripherally clad.

To boot, she is a prolific blogger with a charming (read: unpretentious) voice, an amazing DIYer, boasts gams to die for, the face of a model and a Kate Lanphearean haircut we all wish we could pull off.

To quote the incorrigible Rachel Zoe:
I die.

For all these reasons and more, I humbly award The Glamourai top honors in the form of a badge featuring the peerless Isabella Blow. No less! Because like Izzy, The Glamourai believes that life was meant to be “extravagantly embellished” and that everyday is an “occasion for serious dress-up” to persistently give voice to one’s flair for the extraordinary.


I couldn’t agree more.

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