thrift star of the day: awesome all day

thrift star of the day: awesome all day

I’ve been wanting to include more random streetstyle photos on this blog, but the problem is that I get incredibly shy about approaching people with my camera, especially intimidatingly stylish people. But one of my best friends in the world, Rory of (seriously kids, check it out. Especially if you enjoy things that involve NO SHAME. A very good read.), makes perhaps the best streetstyle liaison one could hope for – he’s likeable, fashionable, and willing to approach almost anyone and be their friend. Except for, perhaps, a rabid grizzly bear. The band though, no problem. In fact, he’s probably already done shots of Jameson with them.

Anyway, here are some photos he took of his adorable friend Adam as he was sighted on the streets of San Francisco. The actual streets, not the show.

shirt- thrifted
jacket – thrifted
boots – thrifted
jeans – diesel
Everything that was thrifted was thrifted in Portland.
All. Hail. Portland.

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