Month: November 2008

Give thanks for Golyester

A couple weeks ago I took a jaunt to Los Angeles (mostly to get this old childhood itch called “Disneyland” scratched, but I may post on that later), and on our last day we took a walk down La Brea Ave for some vintage shopping. Attracted by the over-the-top display in the window, we decided to investigate.


Bowled over.

Immediately to my left as I walk in the door is an astonishing pair of the most pristine vintage pumps I have ever laid hungry eyes on. They look like they came right off Ginger Rogers after one light-footed traipse across the stage and directly into a life-preserving oxygen chamber just for the delight of my unsuspecting eyeballs.

vintage pumps

Agape, I realize they are not alone. Every single pair. Immaculate.

vintage pumps

vintage shoes

vintage pumps

True, most people I know won’t have $400 built into their clothing budget for a pair of museum quality vintage shoes, but walking into this place is like walking into a glittering, well-preserved cathedral for anyone remotely titillated by historical fashion. Its a museum you don’t have to pay for – unless you have a difficult time keeping your credit card in its holster. Perhaps in spite of my starry-eyed idea of “in focus,” you can get some vague notion of the opulence from these quick snapshots.

vintage boots

scarab necklace vintage jewels
scarab necklace
vintage swimwear
amazing unworn maillots

They also have a few interesting historical torture devices, like this belt someone named Charlie lovingly welded for his new, and likely short-lived, girlfriend.

chastity belt

Thanks to Golyester for letting me drool all over everything for 45 minutes!

Vintage Clothing and Textiles
Specializing in 1900-1960’s
136 S. La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

I am moving to a new place which doesn’t yet have internet, so posting may be slightly sparse the next few days. Hope your Day of Gracious Gluttony was dually gratifying.

thrift star of the day: Gretel and Hansel

Hansel and Gretel
originally uploaded by the matchless Nicole of Fashion Forestry for wardrobe_remix

Adorable. Inspiring. As if the Brothers Grimm need to go ahead and give Gretel top billing already.


check out my bike

So sexy!
It took my bicycle fanatic photographer four tries before he remembered that the photo was supposed to be about my outfit, not the bike. I mean, both took me from errand-running during the day to a birthday party at night…

me and my bicycle
burgundy pompom touque – borrowed from Eve
green sweater – Painfully Hip Major Hip Replacement Clothing Swap
vintage jeans (Yeah, I live in these, so what?) – Bows & Arrows Vintage, $10
white nautical slip-ons – thrifted, $3
navy leather bag – thrifted, $1

But now after seeing the photo, it totally is all about the bike…

klein quantum roadbike
Lookit! Vintage Klein Quantum road bike – $275 (A STEAL)

…and its sweet spoke action:


Ah, but there are some cool buttons and keyhole sleeves on this sweater!

miller high life champagne of beers

But I guess this photo is more about drinking what tasted like the Beer of Champagnes out of a champagne flute made out of the Champagne of Beers.
I guess there are more things to life than fashion.
….Go figger!

YOOX presents PAST & PRESENT – an exclusive selection of vintage and contemporary bijoux

thrift star of the day: fashion fulfilled

fashion fillers
uploaded by for wardrobe_remix

By joves, its the perfect illustration of how to mix your vintage in a modern way.

thrift star of the day: thrift star of the night

cropped leggings
originally uploaded by Jemnifur for wardrobe_remix

The seemingly last minute addition of white accessories was a genius move, akin to cream cheese frosting on a carrot cupcake. Delish.

thrift star of the day: tres twee

floral minidress
uploaded by ilovehokey for wardrobe_remix

My friend Rory at Awesome All Day has started to get real good at writing photo captions so I let him tackle this one for me because, honestly? I killed one too many brain cells celebrating my homecoming from Chicago last night:

This dress is so darling it’s driving me crazy. Not the “OMG THAT IS SOOO CUTE” kind of crazy, but the “Buy a plane ticket to wherever this dress lives, find it, steal it, and introduce it to my cats” kind of crazy.

check me out: trompe l’ampes

Outside the LACMA , where they had the most amazing exhibit of Vanity Fair portraits. This was a super cozy outfit for the flight home…

trompe l'oiel sailor tee

Yup… just jeans and a tee.
f21 trompe l’oeil sailor tee – thrifted in LA, $3
cuffed skinny jeans – Bows and Arrows Vintage (Sacramento – L&17th), $10
velcro slip-on sneaks – thrifted in Chicago, $2
leather navy pleated bag – thrifted in Chicago, $1.50


thrift star of the day: lady-like

mens blazer
originally uploaded by fluxorist for wardrobe_remix

Wow. A dumpy mens blazer + a wrinkled men’s tee + combat boots = 100% pure awesome?
Really?? This just doesn’t add up.

thrift star of the day: not so mellow yellow


originally uploaded by Fräulein Piberger for wardrobe_remix

This reminds me that it must be physically impossible to have a bad day whilst wearing the outfit equivalent of the song “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah.”

thrift stars of the day: spotted at Girl Talk, Congress Theater

My friend Pat got us guest-listed to Girl Talk on Saturday night, so I was able to get up enough liquid courage (comprised of free Stella Artois) to snap the hippest kids I could find in the VIP box, Morgan and J.R…


large pendant

mock crock ankle boots, gladiator ankle boots

Oh glorious accessories.

Of course the view was equally as opulent when we turned around:

air bags

Congress Theater by Pat
(this photo taken by Pat, the rest by me)