check me out: my first walk-in

check me out: my first walk-in

The best thing about my new apartment is my new closet! I’ve never had a walk-in before and I don’t think I could do without one ever again.

walk-in closet
Naik Fur spiral knit cloche (as featured in my winter fashion article) – xmas gift, YAY!
cropped vest – Target clearance years ago, $2
silk rose print tank – thrifted in Chicago, $2
skinny jeans with zippered ankles – F21, $13
turquoise ankle socks – xmas gift
brown spectators (MINT) – thrifted in Chicago, $3

Screw a dresser. Hanging all your clothes is the only way to go… It’s so much easier to come up with new outfits when you can easily see everything at once! I adore unexpected color combinations and accessories as an accent to an otherwise neutral outfit. I wore this dancing on 60’s Soul Night.

Congrats to my friends Jamaica and Lyndsay, who threw the perfect party last night to end a great year of a virtual fashion renaissance for Sacramento. I had a blast modeling for Sapphire Cordial. Good job, girls.

Upcoming: My goal for 2009 is to make it one big list of Firsts, including my first VLOG, when I go on a shoe shopping spree at Marshall’s. Yeah, you’re totally as excited as I am.



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