check me out: tap-dancing sign girl

check me out: tap-dancing sign girl

I am usually down to respond to any request that presupposes the fact that I have no shame. So when my fashion designer friend Jamaica sent out a cry for help – needing someone who could wear all white (fashion suicide!) and tap-dance themselves and several signs across the front of the stage of the biggest nightclub venue in Downtown Sacramento – I was SO THERE. Nevermind the fact that I haven’t officially tap-danced since I was, well, 7 years old. That’s beside the point.

‘Twas The Beatles’ White Album Show at Harlow’s: Sixteen bands covering the entire album, and me, traipsing my little ass back and forth around the stage with a sign announcing each band’s name.

Here’s what I wore (spoiler: I cheated and wore cream with black accents).

eyelet minidress: $20 at Winners
knit tights: $3 at some cheezy mall hole
heeled brogues: borrowed from my sister (thrifted)
black knit beret: a Belgian souvenir from Eve

Jamaica’s fashion show from her line, Sapphire Cordial featured an opulent parade of serene models in alabaster sixties-inspired dresses, wielding refreshingly innocuous protest signs. I couldn’t find many good photos, but believe me, it was lovely.

fashion show



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