check me out: N’awlins

Ah New Orleans, a magical land full of history, music, art, spirituality, douchey holidays and lax liquor laws. I loved this city!

new orleans streetstyle

Vintage leather jacket: best gift ever!
This jacket was given to me by its original owner who only wore it when riding on the back of her husband’s motorcycle in the early 80s. It is in perfect condition (worn in just enough), fits like a pair of stretch Levi’s, and is ALL MINE.

Turquoise leopard print sundress: $3, thrifted in Booneville, CA.
I have never ever owned a stitch of leopard print in my whole life, nevermind technicolored leopard print (Technicolored Leopardprint is totally the name of my new mathrock girlband). I just loved the cut and fit of it (racerback! pockets!) so I lopped 6 inches off the length and called it my new favorite layering piece.

Scarf bag: $7, Marshall’s.
This thing is amazing. I’ve been combing the stratosphere for a cute cross-body bag that won’t slide around the front of me when I’m riding my bike and this one rules! I can tie it tight around me and it’s so comfy it just feels like an extra layer of clothes. Plus it has this bizarre purple and yellow astrology and MC Escher-themed design that is awesome and completely weird at the same time. I wear it constantly.

Shiny grey leggings & cutout flats: $5 and $10, Marshall’s.
Hip Tip for travelers – Never wear peeptoe ballet flats whilst rubbernecking your way around a new city with dodgy sidewalks. These shoes are adorable and comfy as hell, but notsomuch when there is blood from a repeatedly stubbed toe seeping from them.

voodoo garden closeup back view absinthe new orleans store window ghost guides

Thank you all so much for your New Orleans recommendations, I would not have had half as much fun without you! I only had 4 days there so I didn’t fit much shopping in, but if you’re going to New Orleans, my personal recommendations are:

  • NOT going for Mardi Gras – Mardi Gras doesn’t start for another month, but already the douche was starting to pool on Bourbon Street. It was ridiculously cheap to go now and I really enjoyed the peaceful sunny days, wandering the quaint streets.
  • UAL United Apparel Liquidators, 518 Chartres St – I bought a gorgeous silk designer top worth $235 for $39!
  • Pravda (thanks, kk), on Decatur – A soviet-themed absinthe bar. This is some hip shit.
  • Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop (thanks again, kk)- the oldest continuously-running bar in the country, lit exclusively by candlelight.
  • Haunted History Tours – Titillating! The Travel Channel came along on our tour, so mine might have been slightly more awesome than usual.
  • The brand new PARAPLEX, the world’s first Paranormal Epicenter – Check out our behind-the-scenes paranormal experience over at my traveling partner-in-crime’s blog,
  • Ragin’ Daisy, also on Chartres St – the most beautiful collection of mens’ vintage button-downs I’ve ever seen for around $25 each.
  • Muffalettas at Central Grocery (thanks, Lillagah) – And I hate olives!
  • Absinthe and the Absinthe Museum – YUM (when in Rome)!