thrift star of the day: not-so-thrifty

thrift star of the day: not-so-thrifty

vest layers
originally uploaded by archibald maximilion for wardrobe_remix

Ok, so my pick today owns the worlds most amazing collection of designer separates, but browsing her photostream full of mixed up proportions and bold accessories will make you want to go crazy at your nearest thrift store for things like a pair of baggy shorts and a necklace the size of your sternum.
By the way, the “belt” in this photo is apparently just a piece of fabric pinned to her dress. Brilliant!

I’m in New Orleans en ce moment and having an AMAZING time. Right now I’m in this gorgeous hotel in the French Quarter decorated with antiques with the most beautiful courtyard which I scored off for only $59 per night!! Can anyone suggest a non-douchey (aka no blacklights, flaming fountains, violently-named cocktails or light beer) bar with live jazz nearby? Thanks!

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  • Good luck finding a non-douchey bar in New Orleans without a local friend to show you the ways of the world.

  • I love her outfit, that belt is amazing. I wish I was as creative! x

  • oh my goodness, I couldn’t agree more! she just showed up out of nowhere on w_r like a month ago and I want every single one of her outfits. Plus how cute is the name archibald maximillion?

  • Lulz

    Tacky. God, so tacky. Why pin a piece of fabric to your dress? Isn’t that what real belts are for? She looks like she’s wearing a costume from some eastern european 3rd world country.

  • T.

    Try anywhere on Frenchmen. The Apple Barrel and the Spotted Cat are both mostly local bars with good jazz. Also, the Soul Rebels brass band has a weekly gig Thursdays at Le Bon Temps Roule uptown. I think there’s an entry fee, and there’s also a lot of college kids, but they’re really good.

  • kk

    In New Orleans, try Frenchmen street (near the quater, a $5 cab ride probably–be careful walking, this town can be dangerous)(DBA, Apple Barrel, Spotted Cat, Yuki if you like Sake, also a new vegetarian restaurant just opened beath the Dragon’r Den). In the quarter try lower decauter for some cool bars (Molly’s, Pravda etc.). Also, for historic value have a drink at the Carousel bar in the Monteleone hotel (the crowd is iffy but the bar itself is cool–on Royal and Iberville) and at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop (on the non-gross end of Bourbon, allegedly the oldest bar in the country and lit all by candlelight–if there isn’t live music, though, the jukebox is awful). And if you venture into the Marigny further than Frenchmen, hit up Mimi’s (on Franklin and Royal) and The Joint (on Poland Ave for good BBQ. The Soul Rebels show on thursdays at Le Bon Temps Roule (on Magazine uptown) is free (I think…) and fun. Also in that are that’s good are the Balcony Bar (can be an iffy crowd but can be good, too), the Saint, and St. Joe’s. Good luck! Have fun!

  • Cute in an eclectic sort of way!

  • i love the idea of pinning fabric to a dress! imagine the possibilites one could have with a simple, black dress or, in this case, a plain white shirt dress. brilliant, indeed!

  • Love the outfit.

    xoxo, Shely

  • Jo

    Oh! Go to the Clover Grill on Bourbon for a midnight breakfast.

    Its run by an exclusively gay staff and theyre always singing hilarious tunes. Its not douchey at all, and a require for a visit to Nola.

  • Head over to The Spotted Cat on Frenchmen Street. It’s jazzy, authentic, and you won’t regret it.

  • Honeydew

    Try Snug Harbor or Preservation Hall. HTH.

  • purp

    frenchman is the place to be. definitely to snug harbor!

  • Archibald Maximilion

    Wow! Thank you so much for featuring me and for the (mostly) nice comments (Lulz…). I am from a small place in New Zealand so it is especially thrilling to connect with other fashion lovers from around the world. Enjoy New Orleans. x

  • Tacky. God, so tacky. Why pin a piece of fabric to your dress? Isn’t that what real belts are for? She looks like she’s wearing a costume from some eastern european 3rd world country.

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