top-secret thrifting tips you may or may not already know (plus one i’m sure you dont.)

top-secret thrifting tips you may or may not already know (plus one i’m sure you dont.)

so the other day a friend of mine was whining (i mean, cheerfully reflecting,) about how she never seems to find any of these so-called amazing “scores” while thrifting.  we weren’t very far into the conversation when she turned on me.  ”oh yeah…  you’re the bitch who found the brand new chanel pea-coat for $6!”  she said.  i would like to note that she was not using her inside voice at this point.

she then demanded that i “hand over” my secrets.

some good came from all this abuse though.  it got me thinking about all the “thrifting tips” i’ve come up with over the years.  then i remembered how much i like making lists, and i decided to combine the two.  

would you like to see it?  of course you would.


diana’s thrifting tips 

  • go regularly, and go on off-hours.  the first helps you acquire more goodies.  the second is for sanity’s sake.  seriously though, if you don’t go on a regular basis. you’re just asking to miss all the good loot.  you can take this a step further and inquire about “restocking” day.  as in, when do they do it?  then mark that day down in your little black book and make sure you go.
  •  a lot of the larger/more “established” thrift shops – especially in bigger towns and cities – have “last chance,” “outlet” and “as-is” shops.  what this really means is “this is the place where we send all the goodies that didn’t sell in our full-price shops.”  (tucson has “outlet” shops for both goodwill and the salvation army.  all clothes are $1-$3, except for on “half-price” day, which seems to be every day i’ve gone in.)  i can’t even begin to explain how wonderful these places are.  it’s amazing what treasures make it to these shops.  the ladies at the goodwill outlet told me clothes only get one week on the full-priced store racks before they get bundled up and shipped to the outlet.  (i didn’t tell my bitter friend this, but it’s not just a chanel that i’ve thrift-scored – i found a vintage burberry trench at one of these “outlets” recently, for $2.98.  seriously.)  
  • make a list of what you need, and refer back to it to avoid stocking up on things you don’t need.  also, racks of $3 clothes are not an excuse to inundate your closet with heaps of poor-quality crap.  there is no excuse for that.  maintain your standards, ladies.
  • shop off-season.  you’ll find the best deals and have a better selection to pick through.  (winter coats are plentiful and purchased for pennies in tucson in august.  i would imagine the same would go for vintage sun dresses during january in vermont.) 
  • give some thought to a “thrifting uniform.”  you want to wear something that is comfortable and easy to try things on over. (in case of long lines for – or even non-existent – changing rooms.)  i like leggings, long, slim fitting tank or tee-shirt style dresses, a loose-fitting cardigan and slip-on flats.  if you’re not wearing socks, at least slip a pair in your bag for trying on shoes.  not doing so is gross.  and i will judge you.
  • you can also take an even easier route and throw a flexible sewing tape in your bag for taking measurements right there at the racks.  make sure you have accurate measurements of yourself before doing this though.
  • approach things with an open mind.  if you go out with specific desires – “i want a pale yellow floral house dress made in 1953.  in a size small.” – you’re probably going to be disappointed.  remember that things can be shortened, re-sized, altered entirely – by you, a crafty friend, or even a tailor.  and even factoring in the tailor’s fees, it’s still cheaper (and cooler) than buying something brand new and mass produced.  
  • try to find shops off the beaten path.  shops in areas with a high population of amazingly hip college students will be a) picked over, and b) pricey.  look for the ones near ritzy 55+ communities.  go wild.
  • i’m a little nervous about sharing this last tip, out of fear of a good lecture from anyone will a little self-respect, but just hear me out, ok?  flirt.  not in that creepy, “unwanted attention” sort of way.  i’m not even suggesting you give out your phone number.  but putting on a big friendly smile and striking up a conversation with the occasional employee – male or female – will do some pretty amazing things.  i’ve actually found this to be useful in all areas of life.  my brother once told me, “you could flirt a dog out of biting you!” which i take to be a compliment.  i don’t see anything wrong with securing a “50% off everything, just for you…  shh!” by using some (genuine) friendliness.  it is my opinion that it brightens both party’s day.
compiling all this in one place has given me an uncontrollable itch to hit up my favorite thrift shops right this second, so i’m out, guys.
but before i go, i thought of one more thing – bring your own earth-friendly canvas shopping totes with you, and stuff those, rather than taking plastic bags.  but i’m sure you already do that, right?  high-five!

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  • chloe

    Id like to add using the bathroom beforhand, eating beforehand,bringing a water bottle, use a messenger bag not a purse and bring (latex?) gloves ! aspirin can be good as well.

  • [...] but there are many ways to wade through the choices.  Thrifting is a great skill to have and plenty of tips and methods exist if you’re new to the art of [...]

  • Michelle

    I do like these tips and you are very attuned. I used to work at a thrift store, and yes the “flirting” works. Not really flirting, but people who are regulars and who are nice and don’t act nice just to get things cheap, are the ones who I would “take care of.” If something was not priced, I would give them a low price, or if I had extra coupons that is who would get them.

  • I have been a victim of thrifting :)

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  • Theres nothing to be ashamed thrift shopping. People give their new clothings. Its always exciting to find a cool jacket from the 70′s. Especially when they are back in fashion.

  • thrift shopping became popular. Now everyone thrift shops. I am proud to say that I am one of them :)

  • Thanks for the tips. I am really in to thrift shopping.
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  • Thrift shopping is the best. Its so funny to see how people are now back to thrift shopping and its actually a big trend.
    bill@Dj Yorkshire´s last [type] ..The Get Wed Blog…

  • Hhahah Your last tip sounds like you and my wife are similar. She always flirts in order to get something either for free or for cheaper price. She once got off paying a fine just because of her ‘puppy face’

  • Awesome tips! I will try it next time I visit a thrift shop:)

  • thrift shops are the best. You can find treasure in the stores. Your tips are awesome!

  • Jon

    Awesome! Now i am wiser thrift shopping:)

  • Great tips! thank you.

  • You are the best!
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  • Great list of tips! Thanks for sharing, I love going thrift shopping but often get overwhelmed sifting through all the clothes. With the 90s coming back in style full swing I’m excited to see what I can find while digging through the heaps of clothes!

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  • there is nothing better than thrift shopping!

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