Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode

Not only the name of a questionably awesome 80s not-quite-goth band, but also exactly the phrase I’d use to describe eDressme’s design department:

Crazy fast fashion. I loved Amy Adams’ choice of jewels, by the way. Downright quirky!

A few things:

-We’ve got a giveaway coming up! Feast your eyes on the prizes at Little Red Fox and let our very own Mary Catherine know which of her sweet, sweet wares you are craving the most!

-Speaking of Mary Catherine, her exclusive Watson Twins interview has been published in The Printed Blog! Thanks, The Printed Blog! Check out Issue 5 -The Fashion Issue when it comes out tomorrow (Wednesday)! Congrats to Mary Catherine and another big THANK YOU to Leigh and Chandra for their time and their ultimate awesomeness.

-I decided to give you guys a little extra incentive to leave us your precious feedback. From now on, your lovely names (and “follow” blog links, if you have them) will be posted on the front page!

-Sacramentans! Make sure not to miss eWomen Network’s Real Women, Real Fashion Show – especially awesome if you’re a small business person like me. You can don your fave cocktail wear, drink “glowtinis, ” see some sweet formal fashion, and network your little asses off all at the same time!

Ok, I believe there is more… but it’s 63 degrees outside and the sunshine is calling my name.

10 comments to Depeche Mode

  • Carrie

    I was shocked by some of the bad reviews for both Kate Winslet and Amy Adams in terms of dress at the Oscars. I thought they both looked amazing, and I love those dresses. All of the headbands at Little Red Fox are adorable.

  • Thanks for the info on the Real Women, Real Fashion Show. I’m looking into purchasing tickets now. Maybe we’ll see you there! :) – Retro Recycled Vintage

  • I read Depeche Mode and had to comment! Okay, so it wasn’t about the band, but Amy killed it huh!

  • Bex

    Not digging Kate Winslet’s dress that much..but LOVE the color of Amy’s!

  • I love Amy’s necklace! It SO took the dress to fabulous!!!

  • I can’t believe how fast that is! I actually liked Kate’s dress a lot. Classic but quirky at the same time. Over at Little Red Fox I loved the “What If She Never Wakes Up”-print.

  • I hope to win the giveaway, so I’ll make sure to enter. I know Mary Catherine would make sure to send the prize!! lol

  • Agree about the Kate Winslet dress…she rocked it, but it looks waaay better in the blue color edressme used.

    And I’m just not certain I can live without the cute ’20s cloche-style beret at Little Red Fox. My b-day is Friday, so I hope I win a little happy gift! ;)

  • Oh, how sad! I went back to Little Red’s Etsy shop on my b-day to buy the cloche beret with some b-day cash I got and it was sold. ON my b-day. And NOT to me. How sad! :(

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