Enid Collins Has Me BeDazzled

Enid Collins Has Me BeDazzled

by Jill Sherman

Darling Jill Sherman of Trend de la Creme has an amazing blog and is now our newest contributor! This post RULES, I’m glad I poached her!

Thanks so very much, Jill!


While many of you were buckled down to watch the Oscar’s last night, I was hunched over my computer with bated breath, hoping to finally score a vintage Enid Collins bag I’ve been following on eBay. From 1959 to 1970, designer Enid Collins churned out a variety of decorated bags, each hand-painted and hand-rhinestoned. (You could say she was the original ‘BeDazzler’ of sorts — although a lot more ‘artsy’ and a lot less ‘fartsy’.)  And to this day, I’ve remained particularly smitten with her wooden box bags, each finished with leather trim, mirrors, brass findings and fasteners.

For many years, her bags had a small cult following. But when Neiman Marcus placed an order, demand catapulted Enid into “it bag” stardom. In 1970, she sold her business with the copyrights to her designs to the Tandy Corporation. Since then, her original bags have become highly sought after collector’s items with price tags ranging between $50-$500, depending on the condition. She has also created a small but faithful following among Blythe doll collectors looking to accessorize their dolls with high-end duds.  (Liz Retros has about 15 of them up for sale on etsy this very moment.)

For your viewing enjoyment, I have collected a small sampling of her early bags, each with it’s own distinct personality.  (Can you see why I’ve fallen in love?)

Images courtesy of Glumpire and Xie Kitchen

34 comments to Enid Collins Has Me BeDazzled

  • Oh.. my…

    Thank you SO MUCH for exposing me these amazing handbags! I’ve never heard of Enid Collins, but she’s totally my favorite designer now.. So great.

  • I too adore Enid Collins bags they are simply brilliant, hope you “win” yours on ebay.

  • Virginia

    oh my goodness! I LOVE these bags! <3 Good luck getting your very own1

  • Those bags are to DIE FOR!! I’d never heard of her before, but I instantly love her! Are you at all artsy? It might not be that hard to make something kind of inspired by these.

  • ugh. love the night owls purse. an old purse lust has been refueled! thank you!

  • It sounds like you’re posting lots of different thoughts in your blog. This is great material.

  • Enid Collins was my grandmother. I recently opened a boutique that I named after her. I really love the post. You included some bags I’d never seen before!

  • Toy

    Just bought my first Enid at a flea market in Mississippi for $5. Love Love Love it. Good luck finding more.

  • JK

    I love your pics of the beautiful Enid Collins handbags. I too, am in love with them and started collecting them years ago. Now I have so many, that I started my own website to sell vintage handbags. I have a large collection of Enid Collins handbags, with even more to list.

  • just found one! it has coins all over it – 1969 with a mirror AMAZING and love it so much. X samaya

  • Great detail and beautiful color! Well done!

  • southernbelle

    I purchased my first Enid Collins bag the spring of 1970. It was a LOVE bag and I still have it. It always reminds me of the young man I met that spring and my first love. Southernbelle

  • BellaWhimsies

    Just bought my 2nd ec box bag today. It has a single ‘night owl’. It was marked $7 and was 1/2 off. I cant believe my good fortune! Thanks for providing so many great examples of her work in this site. Fans may be interested to know that miniature ec bags are being made and sold as collectible doll accessories. Way too cute!!

  • SaraBrie

    Hello Love your website!!! Have you ever seen a Enid Collins with a slide top. I have one from 1964 with a money tree design and instead of opening up it has two wooden slide tops. Have looked for one like it have not seen one yet.

  • Arsonia Stroud

    I like vintage handbags. Just found an Enid Collins bag, Country Ktchen,at a local thrift store for $3.00. I had no idea of it’s value but I love it.

  • angie

    ENID COLLINS COPY CAT PURSE BOX Relisted at only 9.99 start! ONLY 4 DAYS LEFT, ITEM NO. IS: 260681670654
    Here’s the title and subtitle:
    Good luck all!
    God Bless!

  • ho my this a lovely handbag i need this now…

  • This story is a terrific read. Thank you for the article.Thumbs up!!!!!

  • Paula Miller

    I just love the Enid Collins collection! My husband bought me my first purse for Valentines…yesterday!! I guess they remind me of my mom and grama….they had beautiful one when I was a kid!!! I remember loving them, then as well.

  • Jo Ann Grissom

    Wow! I just found a Glitterbugs purse at a thrift store today for $2 and fell in love with it. I bought it as storage for ribbons or beads, and had never seen or heard of them before. Mine is missing four stones, but is otherwise in perfect condition, the inside is like brand new. Does anyone know where to buy replacement stones, mine all have two holes, haven’t seen any like that in craft store. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more.

  • I got one for my wife and found this site looking for a similar present for her, she absolutely loves it!

  • [...] of Enid Collins, designer of Collins of Texas handbags and totes and perhaps best known for wooden box bags like these. Enid Collin’s sense of color and originality so clearly shines through in the Enid of today, [...]

  • just found 3 at a goodwill and 4 caro nan basket bags really just took a chance didn’t even know what they where listed the worse shaped one on ebay tonight starting at 9.99 and one og the caro nan bags starting at $9.99 thanks for the information found a money tree and a is 4 apple of mt i thanks daniel

  • Just found 3 at a goodwill and 4 caro nan basket bags really just took a chance didn’t even know what they where listed the worse shaped one on ebay tonight starting at 9.99 and one of the caro nan bags starting at $9.99 thanks for the information found a money tree and — a is 4 apple of my i thanks daniel sorry for mistakes

  • susan

    I finally googled this awesome purse that I have always loved of my moms…and is now mine (mom is hanging out with Jesus these days :) ) Being too beautiful to actually use, it is in almost perfect condition. What a rich history it has…I am excited to learn more about Ms Collins!
    My bag is signed “Pavan 3″, what does that represent?

  • susan

    Susan again…this purse was the first present my dad bought my mom back in 1968 I believe :)

  • Sisinia

    Found my bag t. Grge sle for. Dollr its. Love bg ,love it ! I have one yellow stone missing any place i can get one?

  • Dianne Dash

    LOVE this site. Bought my first one at Frost Bros in San Antonio in 1964 then got the clue we could go to the factory. What fun!! I too had a ‘slide top’ bag about 1964 and have been searching for one for years!! Great memories!!

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