raise your hand if your wardrobe is circus*-obsessed!

By Mary Catherine

*(“Circus” being loosely defined here, as you will see below…)

I don’t think I’ve professed my love for Flickr here on Painfully Hip, but let it be known: I love it. I love the street fashion groups so much and of those groups, I especially love the Wardrobe Remix group (which is where, incidentally, Amber and I first happened upon each other). Partially because of it’s size, it’s variety, I find it very inspiring. If you don’t somehow work in fashion, or know lots of people who share your clothes-related urges, your fashion-life can be a little more lonely. It’s not unusual to be the only one you know who likes the things you like. But, like Painfully Hip, on Flickr–you will undoubtedly come upon a slew of other girls (and some guys) who like what you like also. Super neat. I love it. And because of my love for it, I’ve become a regular contributor. And lately, I’ve gotten a (totally deserved) hilarious theme in the comments I’ve received. For example:

I was told this looked like I was inspired by vaudeville:

(Hat: vintage, thrifted; Bow: made myself!; Top: h&m; High-waisted jeans: UO clearance; Shoes: h&m)

I totes see that and while I did NOT consciously plan it, I have to say, I am thrilled with the comment/compliment! I love that idea! At this point, there are very few things that intrigue me in my artwork (and in my clothes, apparently) more than an old-fashioned circus. Especially if it happens to be a french circus…hmmm….

The day after the above outfit, I wore what you see below, which I was told looked like both a circus MC, and a lady lion-tamer on her day off. Maybe the best compliment ever?

(Bow: made by me!; Blouse: f21, tea-dyed; Bracelet: thrifted, vintage; Overalls: UO; Shoes: h&m)

And then today I was asked to put together some outfits using gingham for Violet Folklore–one of my favorite blogs run by two of the loveliest girls–which was no problem at all because I LOVE gingham. Especially of the black-and-white variety. And so I went to work making an outfit around my favorite gingham pants (which I happen to have made, btw. Holla.) And lo, another circus-y, mime-y look:

(Hat: vintage, thrifted with a pin sent to me from Francesca of the snail and the cyclops; Blouse: thrifted, but it’s Erin Featherstone for Target; Pants: did i mention i made them??; Purse: vintage; Black bow bracelet: h&m; White bakelite bracelet: vintage, thrifted; Lace socks: anthro clearance; Shoes: gift)

And–mind you–this recurring theme still hadn’t occurred to me UNTIL I put my outfit BACK ON that I was already. I then realized: It’s true. I am circus-obsessed. And today I’m a Carny….

(Velvet hair bow: made by me!; bird necklace: anthro clearance; shirt: h&m; suspenders: $3 at a cheap-o store; jeans: Kohl’s jr dept on sale; socks: Old Navy 874 years ago; shoes: h&m)

I guess the biggest difference is that I have all my teeth, but otherwise….

And hey–all you P-Hippers–we’ve just started a new Flickr group with this sort of thing in mind! It’s called “This Outfit Inspired By _______” and we’d simply love it if you came by, joined up, and showed us your outfits and what inspired them! You can find it here. We can’t wait to see you there!