Haha, I feel like that title alone brought me back to the 80s where words like AEROBA-CISE were being thrown around. Well, brace yourselves for 88 mph in a Delorean because Thunderhorse Vintage is about to flex your capacitors.

These outfits went heavy on accessories and over-the-top on nostalgia.

Check out these amazing vintage harem pants with an 80s neon geometric pattern. The shape is very chic at the moment, so working against their former A-Ha loving self, we threw on a slim black tank, a metallic floral vest and a large dose of unpredictable accessories. My model, Jillian called this her favorite outfit and couldn’t help completely rocking it.

Who doesn’t love a leather bustier? Let us know because we’d like to avoid them. Layer it over a cropped 80s mom dress and a green leather mini skirt with some 50s cat-eyes, and you’re running the front desk at Ghostbusters HQ.

hammer pants
hammer pants trend
leather bustier, leather skirt, jeanine ghostbusters
jennine ghostbusters
sitting in harem pants

Vintage Harem Pants sold
Metallic Floral Vest
Baroque Jeweled Belt (worn as harness) sold
Art Deco Pendant Necklace
Hot Pink 80s Secretary Blouse sold
Amazing Leather Bustier
Futuristic Waist Belt
Seafoam Leather High-Waisted Mini Skirt
Shiny Black Ankle Boots
Silver Lace Oversize Hair Bow sold
Gold threaded cateye specs sold

Please note: The clothes in the futuristic secretary outfit range in sizes from 6-10 so check em out!

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