Supa-scores! Things I am in love with this week

I have been on a major vintage-scoring roll lately. Here are my absolute favorite things in my closet to sport this week.

High-waisted leather pin-up shorts (Thunderhorse Vintage, $22) – For SERIOUS. These made of the most soft, thin, buttery leathah ever. I cannot believe my luck. The shape is EXACTLY what I’ve been craving- with the slight flair at the bottom, they breathe well enough that I just might be able to wear them into the depths of summer, and believe me, I will be wearing them every chance I get.

Oversize fish necklace (Thunderhorse Vintage)- I always feel like I’m wearing some kinda whimsical breastplate when I’m wearing this. Makes me think it could stop bullets.
Filigree bird earrings – I just have a filigree fetish. I’ve had the black ones for a while and are consistently my favorite pair, so when I saw these colorful rooster ones for $5.99 on eBay, I just had to own them too (BTW, if you like vintage bird earrings, Penelopepups Vintage has an AWESOME pair here.
Native American necklace – I scored this at a flea market for $10, the dood said he made it with his own two hands. So I guess this doesn’t qualify as vintage, but… SCORE.

Buckle boots – $8 at the flea market. By far the most comfortable and versatile boots I own.

70s deadstock terrycloth dress (Thunderhorse Vintage) – Eek! Sherbet-colored chevron stripes?? Sign me up! This still has tags on it from the 70s, but it just felt wrong to remove them when they’ve been on this long – call me crazy, but I just tuck them in and wear it anyway.

Orange woven wedges (Atelier, $1) – Comfy cozy and sexy as hell.

Of course, this is just the tip of the ‘berg. I have some amazing things in great condition that weren’t my size that I just couldn’t abandon to the unnamed masses. They’ll be up in the Etsy store later this week!

Also, welcome Chicagoans! I was featured on the front page of via Being Totally Sweet in Chicago today! Thanks, Ira, and CONGRATS!