Beauty Junkies Rejoice!

Beauty Junkies Rejoice!

by Jill Sherman

With “cheap chic” being the primary focus of Painfully Hip, it seemed only natural to share the news about, a cheap chic beauty site that just popped onto the scene.  Like many of you, I love high-end beauty products. And like many of you, I cringe at the thought of dropping $25 for a lip gloss. That’s why is well worth a visit — up to 85% off premium beauty brands every day with new products/brands weekly (think meets  And if it sounds too good to be true, click here to find out how they can offer such low prices.

I had an opportunity to spend some time with the owners (two seasoned beauty industry mavens who used their life savings to launch the site after getting laid off from top beauty companies themselves!) and would stake my personal reputation on doing business with them.  Their selection is amazing (Smashbox, Stila, Joey New York, Pop Beauty, Estee Lauder, etc.) and their customer service rocks. (If they make a mistake, they’ll rush out new product + a freebie to say, “We’re totally sorry for the screw up!”)  And to personally welcome you, they’re offering Painfully Hip readers 10% off their entire order until May 1st. Use coupon code “PAINFULLYHIP” or simply click on this link.  (Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for ‘sneak previews’ and ‘steals of the week’ while you’re there.  Or, if you prefer tweets, they also announce new deals via Twitter. )


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